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Does Sleep Increase Weight

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Sleep is a natural need for the human being, and the person must get an appropriate number of hours of sleep without exceeding the normal range or less. Medicine connects many facts related to human health and body with the number of hours of sleep. As doctors associate the ability to focus, the mind, body activity and vitality with adequate sleep. At the same time, sleep under certain conditions can cause many damage, and in this article we will know if sleep increase weight.

Does sleep increase weight

Does Sleep Increase Weight

Many people wonder about the relationship between sleep and weight gain and whether it increases or not. Studies have shown that sleep is contrary to the prevailing belief, it helps in weight loss, because lack of sleep caused a deficiency in the performance of the body, especially the digestive system, and this reduces the ability to digestion and extraction of important nutrients from food, and lack of sleep stimulates inactivity and laziness and lack of movement, which prevents the performance of exercise, and this leads to accumulation of fat in the body, so sleep does not increase weight except in the case of sleep immediately after eating. Sleeping should be after eating two or three hours on Less, especially with regard to dinner, in order to avoid weight gain and fat storage, taking into account the period of sleep hours not less than seven hours a day.

The effect of lack of sleep on weight

Does Sleep Increase Weight

In the answer to the question whether sleep increases weight or not, it is necessary to mention the reasons that linked the lack of sleep with weight increase, where there are many negative effects resulting from lack of sleep, and the most important effects are increase body weight and storage of fat, and the reason of the relationship between the increase of weight and lack of sleep are the following reasons that indicate whether sleep increases weight or not:

  • Lack of sleep causes the brain to make many wrong decisions, as the idle in the frontal lobe of the brain is in charge of decision-making, which loses the body control of emotions, and this increases the desire to eat.
  • Causing hormone imbalance in the body. As the stimulation of the production of the hormone ghrelin the “hunger hormone,” in addition to leptin, which increases hunger, causing having large amounts of food.
  • The cause of disorders in the secretion of insulin, which causes imbalance in the way the body deals with sugar and how to burn it, and this calls for the body to store it in the form of fatty substances, which causes a significant increase in body weight.

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