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Bathing damage after eating

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Wrong habits after eating

There are many erroneous habits that some follow after eating, which negatively affect weight, body health and digestive health. From these wrong habits, sleeping immediately after food that slows digestion, drinking tea that interferes with digestion of proteins and absorption of iron, smoking and bathing, And each of these habits has harmful impact on the digestive system and health of the body, and in this article will be talking about the most significant effects of bathing after eating and the time for bathing after eating, and the most appropriate habits to follow after eating.

Bathing damage after eating

Bathing damage after eating

Bathing after a full meal is one of the most harmful things that some people do, and it has been warned to take a bath after eating since before the discovery of the damage that it may cause. The damages of bathing after eating are as follows:

  • After eating, the body begins to transfer most of the blood to the digestive tract to help digestion, leading to a decrease in the amount of blood reaching the brain, which in turn may lead to fainting during bathing.
  • In the event of bathing with hot water this will lead to the expansion of blood vessels throughout the body, which leads to increased blood flow to different parts of the body, which in turn limits the increase of blood access to the digestive system, leading to poor digestion, and the person will suffer from nausea, vomiting and stomach pains, and these are the most prominent effects of bathing after eating.

The best time to shower after eating

Doctors advise to avoid showering immediately after eating a full meal, to avoid its damages. Doctors have set the right time for after-meal showers after at least half an hour to an hour after eating, and the longer the interval, the safer it is, to gives the stomach time to complete the digestion process.

Proper habits should be followed after eating

Bathing damage after eating


In addition to moving away from bathing and the wrong habits, there are some good habits that must be taken care of after eating meals, and highlighted these habits:

  • Wear loose clothing that does not press the abdomen, as tight clothes may press the stomach and narrow the digestion process.
  • Walking for 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime and after eating at least half an hour, this helps digestion and reduces weight gain.
  • It is prefer not to drink water directly after eating, and must wait for at least two hours and then drink enough water; to avoid the incidence of gastrointestinal.
  • It is better to eat small, fragmented meals instead of eating one large meal, which improves digestion.

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