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Diseases that Vitamin D helps fighting

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Vitamin D has many health benefits, but did you know that it helps treating some health diseases too? Learn about these facts now.

The body absorbs vitamin D differently from other vitamins and minerals, which is important for the work of the heart, bones, muscles and even the brain, and some believe it acts as a hormone rather than a vitamin.

You can get Vitamin D through healthy exposure to sunlight and eat foods that contain it such as fatty fish and egg yolk.

But what are diseases that vitamin D help in treat it?

  1. Diabetes

To vitamin D a great importance to everyone, especially type 2 diabetics, as a study results was published in the scientific journal (PLOS One) that people who suffer from lack of vitamin D deficiency is a higher risk of diabetes.

Vitamin D deficiency is one indicator of the likelihood of diabetes later on.

It is believed that vitamin D helps to improve insulin allergy in the body and thus reduce the risk of insulin resistance, which results in type 2 diabetes.

A number of researchers suppose that vitamin D plays a role in regulating the secretion of insulin from the pancreas.

  1. Muscle strengthening

Achieving the suitable level of vitamin D in the body contributes to significantly strengthening muscles.

Vitamin D contributes to the strengthening of the nerve and muscle function in the body, so having low levels of this vitamin means weakness of the body and muscles in particular.

  1. Depression

Previously, we mentioned that the humans get vitamin D through direct and healthy exposure to sunlight.

This in itself works to fight depression, as many people suffer from this psychological disease due to lack of exposure to the sun.

Low levels of vitamin D contribute to an increased risk of depression.

  1. Fight heart and blood vessels diseases

Vitamin D has many health benefits to our body, including fighting type 2 diabetes and promoting metabolic processes in the body, thus fighting heart and blood vessels diseases.

Vitamin D’s natural and healthy levels in the body contribute to its protection from various factors that increase the risk of heart disease.

For all these benefits make sure that your vitamin D levels are in their natural form.

  1. Dementia and Alzheimer’s

A scientific study published in 2014, that the lack of vitamin D levels is associated with higher risk of both Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The researchers targeted 1,600 people who did not suffer from dementia at the beginning of the study and found that those with low levels of vitamin D increased the risk of dementia by about 53%.

So, are you going to check your vitamin D levels after you knew it role on fighting some diseases?

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