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Damage of Smoking Electronic Cigarette

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Perhaps you may hear from a friend or relative about his repeated attempts to quit smoking but with no result and you may despair of repeated attempts to reprimand your son for the need to quit smoking without seeing satisfactory results. Now it is possible to get away from smoking with the emergence of so-called electronic cigarette which helps smokers quit smoking.

Electronic Cigarette

Despite the widespread use of electronic cigarette, many are still puzzled by the fact of the damage of electronic cigarette, but the final research on the electronic cigarette has emerged now, Japan’s health experts have discovered high levels of chemicals, including formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in the steam produced by electronic cigarette liquids. The thing that might come as a shock to electronics fans, who were optimistic with the electronic cigars as safer than regular cigarettes.

Dr. Naoki of the National Institute of Public Health said that the electronic cigarette contains 10 times higher concentrations of carcinogens compared to the regular cigarette, saying that the evaporation of liquid produces more harmful chemicals. And the World Health Organization (WHO) has called on all governments to ban the use of electronic cigarettes.

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