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The Action Mechanism of Digital Drugs

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The calling of the term digital drugs on this technique is not accurate, as this technique can benefit people and help them to overcome some psychological situations without fear of addiction.

Digital drugs

  • Digital drugs are sounds that are believed to be able to change the pattern of brain waves and thus change the state of mind that one feels.
  • They are called drugs because they have a similar effect to drugs.
  • These sounds can help you relax and sleep, and can make you feel active.

The action mechanism of digital drugs

Digital Drugs

  • This technique depends on listening to two different tunes, with a slight difference in frequency at the same moment through earphones.
  • This difference in frequency is received by the brain as a rhythm that can stimulate the release of electrical pulses within the brain that can change its state.
  • The aim of this impulse-stimulating rhythm within the brain is to simulate the natural stimuli that change the state of mind of man.
  • The appropriate rhythm can be obtained by determining the difference between the frequency of the two tones.

The difference between frequencies and their results

Digital Drugs

  • The difference of 0.5 – 4 hertz makes the brain enter into a deep sleep state.
  • The difference of 4 – 8 Hertz makes the brain enter into drowsiness or the onset of sleep.
  • The difference from 8 to 14 Hertz makes the brain enter a state of relaxation but with a state of awareness.
  • The difference from 14 to 30 Hertz makes the brain enter into acute awareness and high concentration.
  • For best awareness and activity, it is best to listen to a 130 Hz tone and 150 Hz.
  • For complete relaxation, it is best to listen to a 140Hz frequency and 145Hz.


  • If these tones are heard by the external speakers, the difference between the two frequencies disappears and the brain receives them as one frequency.
  • These tones should be heard only through the earphones so that they are distributed to the ears and show the difference in frequency within the brain.

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