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raising children

Best tips for raising children

Childhood can be annoying for parents, especially when the child begins to depend on himself in some things and the discovery around him alone, and often this stage begins after the...

How do you use colors to influence your child’s behaviors?

If you want to make some adjustments to the decor of your baby's room, first consider the effect of the colors you choose on the walls or interiors on your child's...
baby's shower toys

Watch out for your baby’s shower toys for this reason

Bathing time is a time of fun and play for most young children, especially when it comes to filling the bathtub with soap and water and putting rubber plastic toys with...
Cortisone for children

Cortisone indication for children and damage

If your child has chest allergies or nasal allergies, it is very natural that your doctor will prescribe cortisone as one of the most important medicines for treatment. Cortisone is a...
make decisions

How to help your son make decisions

In the past, your son's confusion was weather to wear a red or blue t-shirt? Playing by train or by car? These days, your son is now in adolescence, facing more...
male children

9 Activities in which the father can participate with his male children

  Despite the time constraints of many parents and their preoccupation with work and other concerns, the precious time they spend with their children is unparalleled in the world. In most cases,...
male children

8 Activities in which the mother can participate with her male children

  Some mothers may find it difficult to communicate with their male children, especially when you want to spend time with them and do what they can do together. There are a...
activities to your child

Important activities to develop the mental abilities of your child

  Your role as a mother is not limited to feeding, showering, changing diapers and sleeping, but also helping the young mind to grow. With simple and lasting activities, you can help...
lying in children

Difficult problems: lying in children

  Lying from the dangerous behaviors that affect the image of people in front of themselves and their relationships with others, which destroys confidence, which is one of the main pillars of...


Paddington 2 Becomes Rotten Tomatoes’ Best-Reviewed Movie of All-Time

Less than two months ago, Lady Birdscored the distinct honor of becoming Rotten Tomatoes’ best-reviewed movie of all-time, racking up 164 positive reviews for...

Causes of stomach pain

What is Nicotine?

What is Nicotine?