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8 Activities in which the mother can participate with her male children

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Some mothers may find it difficult to communicate with their male children, especially when you want to spend time with them and do what they can do together. There are a lot of activities you can do with your son as this helps to strengthen communication between you, and what you will always need, especially in adolescence. Today we present you with a set of ideas for the activities you practice with your child in the following lines.

  1. Reading together

Choose a book appropriate for his age, from cloth books to and books that make sounds to babies, through comic books and even novels suitable for adolescence. Your child’s habit of reading daily with you from the activities that he will get used to forever.

  1. Hangout with him

There are many ideas to get out together, go to the cinema, go for a walk in a nearby park, visit a museum, or enjoy a favorite singer’s voice at one of his opera concerts.

  1. Go shopping

Women sometimes complain that their husbands lack primary skills, such as buying basic household necessities and considering them to be women-specific. Make sure that your son acquires these skills. Take him with you to buy home supplies and let him learn how to choose fresh vegetables, buy meat and poultry suitable for each meal.

  1. Play video games with them

Most kids enjoy playing video games. What do you think about sharing your child’s favorite games?

  1. Cooking a delicious meal

Many people may think that the kitchen is a special place for women. Make sure to change this conviction from a young age and teach your children the basics of cooking.

  1. Learn something useful

Whether it’s a new language or research on topics that matter to him, learning to share new things will bring you closer together and give you the opportunity to enjoy the fun and exploratory moments associated with learning.

  1. Participation in voluntary work

Join him to practice voluntary work, helping others, to help him develop his character, and what a beautiful practice would this be with you.

  1. Teach them how to care for themselves

Teach him how to care for his skin, hair and personal cleanliness. It is important that your child learn that personal care is not limited to shaving his hair at the barber, and that being a male means to leave his lips cracked and dry or face with grain.

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