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Avoid diabetes multiples in 10 steps

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The risk of diabetes is basically in its multiples, but fortunately, a person with diabetes by system of his life, can delay and avoid many of them, here are the steps.

The multiples of diabetes may get you heart, nerves, and feet diseases, so we found that it is good to give you some steps that will help you to prevent diabetes multiples.

  1. Choose your carbohydrate carefullydiabetes

Diabetes does not mean that you should stop eating carbohydrate foods completely, the food rich in fiber and slow digestion may carry more benefits than you expect.

You have to choose the carbohydrates that will be included in your diet, such as those that may benefit diabetics because they contain the fibers you will find in full grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes.

  1. Blood sugar leveldiabetes

Watch your blood sugar level twice a day to check your treatment plan and the effect of your food on you.

You and your doctor put the goal that you want to reach in terms of sugar level and work to achieve it.

Be smart and write down your notes and follow-up on paper to reach important conclusions about your body system. Remember that your control of sugar level is the basis of your control over diabetes multiples.

  1. Act wisely with your weightdiabetes

Remember that fatness is closely associated with diabetes, if you are above the appropriate weight for your length, you should lose some of it because it will increase the efficiency of the hormone insulin, so it will reduce blood sugar and therefore control blood pressure and cholesterol.

Control of blood pressure, cholesterol is itself a protection of heart disease that may be caused by diabetes.

  1. Stay activediabetes

Choose for yourself the sports activities that you prefer and practice it 5 days of a week for half an hour, as walking, jogging, swimming or dancing, all of them are welcome now.

Maintaining the exercise, will help you lose excess weight, reduce high blood pressure and control your cholesterol level.

If you do not feel the ability to exercise now, start by dividing the sport time for 10 minutes after each meal until you feel ready to exercise as an important stop of your day.

  1. Do not neglect any simple scratching


Diabetes increases the risk of inflammations and slows down the healing process, so if you get scratched or injured, immediately, clean it properly and use an antibiotic cream and a sterile bandage. Then do not miss it, keep switching it with permanent sterilization, and check with your doctor if it doesn’t improve within days.

Keep watching your feet and make sure there are no rash, cuts, ulcers or any new signs. You should also take care to wet your feet to prevent them from cracking.

  1. Say no and do not smokediabetes

Studies and statistics simply reflect that the average age of smokers with diabetes is significantly lower than non-smokers.

Quitting smoking will improve the performance of your lungs and heart, thus reducing your blood pressure and your chances of sudden death by strokes, heart attacks, nerve damage and kidney disease.

Quitting smoking is great, the more you studied and examined it previously the more your chances of succeeding was greater, and never hesitate to ask your doctor to help you achieve your goal.

  1. scratching

Stress and tension lead to high blood pressure levels, especially for people with diabetes, So work on how to think, think positively and train to face the stresses of life calmly.

Learn relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, yoga and meditation, as they are helpful especially for type 2 diabetics.

  1. Salt may be a killer

Reduce the amount of salt consumed in your diet, as it increases blood pressure and weakens the kidneys. While it isn’t enough to reduce the salt in your meal only, where a large amount of salt is taken through preserved meat and processed foods.

avoid the preserved and processed foods and replace them with fresh foods, and care to taste your food with spices, not salt.

  1. Be selective in your fooddiabetes

Although there is no single diet for diabetics, there are some considerations that should be taken, such as keeping away from saturated fats and preserved foods, in contrast, turn to eating sweet potatoes, fish rich in omega-3, green vegetables, unsaturated monounsaturated fats such as olive oil, avocados and nuts.

  1. System doctor visitsdiabetes

You have to start from now to organize your visits to the doctor that must reach from 2-4 annual visits.

You need a comprehensive checkup twice a year to check the level of sugar control in the past three months, as well as to check your blood pressure and check your cholesterol level.

In addition, you need to check at least once in a year your eyes, nerves and kidneys to make sure they do not have any multiples, and the dentist twice a year.

Of course, you have to tell all your doctors that you have diabetes to take it on consideration.

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