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New features on Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft has announced new features in the Outlook e-mail application, some of which have already started to enter the service and some will soon begin.

Through these updates, Microsoft is trying to further improve its e-mail application in Outlook to help it compete with leading companies like Google.

The new features will include desktop and e-mail applications on Android and iOS phones.

The new features announced by Microsoft are now ready for Windows and Mac users and will soon be available for Android and iOS devices.

What are the new features?


If you are using Outlook, you’ll now see a reminder to pay your upcoming due invoices, due dates, and add them to your calendar as well. You will also receive an email reminder two day before your payment.

Proposition of meeting place

Outlook will now suggest possible meeting room locations when you select an event or meeting, based on the meeting rooms you recently used.

If you have Outlook on your iOS device, it will use your current location to determine how long it will take to reach the meeting or event and give you a notification when the time comes to do so.

Outlook will also help you identify who responded to the meeting’s invitations, making it easy to ensure that it is held at a convenient time and place for everyone.

Multiple time zones

Windows, Mac, and Web users will find it easy to manage meetings with people in areas that use different time schedules, with the ability to see leaving dates and local time zones quickly and easily.

Coming Soon Features

There are also some features that Microsoft will start offering to users soon, including the ability to synchronize drafts of folders so you can start writing e-mail on one device and end it on another.

These new features and much more will be launched this month and next June.


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