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The risk of platelet insufficiency

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Lack of platelets

The blood platelets play a very large role in the blood, contributing to blood clotting and clotting by adhesion to each other when the body is exposed to a wound or bruising. It also takes a swimming form in the bloodstream. The normal number of platelets ranges is between 150-450 thousand, and when the number of o of these platelets becomes less than 150 thousand, it is considered a blood disease. As the health problems that may occur in the human body coincide with the inability of the blood to coagulate, leading to difficulty in healing the wounds. Not only that but it is a serious disease that must be treated, and in this article we will provide some information about the seriousness of the lack of platelets and their causes.

Causes of lack of platelets

  • A decrease in the level of immunity in the body.
  • Infectious diseases such as immune system dysfunction and lupus.
  • Infection of many cold, chickenpox viruses often occur.
  • Kaspach syndrome is a disease of the blood vessels, which causes severe swelling and blood clotting in the blood vessels, and is one of the very serious diseases that lead to weakness of the heart muscle.

Symptoms of lack of platelets

  • Frequent bleeding from the nose.
  • The incidence of red rash tends to purple in the areas of the limbs.
  • Wounds and cuts don’t heal easily.
  • Bleeding from the stomach or brain in advanced cases.

The risk of platelet insufficiency

The degree and severity of platelet insufficiency varies according to the rate at which the number of platelets has decreased to. A slight decrease in the number of platelets is normal, which does not require treatment in many cases. This condition occurs when the deficiency does not exceed 30 thousand, but in many cases it is very dangerous, and this is when a very severe shortage of platelets, resulting in a very severe bleeding, and most often this happens because of cancer in the blood, which leads to exposure of the platelet to extinct and crushed due to a proliferation process of whatever fetal blood from another type.

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