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The Galaxy Note 7 story from start to end!

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Galaxy Note 7 .. The Full Story, From The Beginning Till Its Death – A Special Report

Although some considered it the best smartphone produced yet, Samsung announced on Tuesday that they stopped the production of Galaxy Note 7, after less than 24 hours from the stop of the device by Global Sales. Samsung said in a statement that they had decided to stop the production and selling of Galaxy Note 7 for the safety of their customers first and foremost.

As we all know, the main reason to stop the Galaxy Note 7 is phone burning and exploding incidents in the hands of users in more than one place around the world because of problems in the device’s battery that one time almost caused the burning of a Southwest plane, causing the evacuation of the plane, which had 75 people on board in Louisville airport, Kentucky.

Samsung had begun to replace the Galaxy Note 7 phones last September all over the world because of the problem of the phone burning. The company started from the beginning of this month to replace the old phones with modified ones, but the problem remained and this phone became a black spot in the history of this South Korean company.

Here’s a brief history of the Galaxy Note 7 phone since the beginning of its launch and until the official announcement of its death.

The launch of the phone in August 19

Note 7
Note 7

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 phone in last August in an attempt by the company to gain more market share before Apple unveils the iPhone 7, with high specification, like: screen measuring 5.7 inches with QHD accuracy, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage space, processor type Snapdragon 820 quad-core processor and a 3500 mA/hr battery.

Although deceptive specifications are not a measure in considering a phone to be the best, but Samsung lovers considered the phone to be the best ever. The phone was characterized by comfortable design and improvement in the pen, camera and performances. In general, the phone was considered an enlarged version of the Galaxy S7 phone, which succeeded in sales since it was launched.

The onset of phone’s ignition problems.

The beginning of ignition problems
The beginning of ignition problems

After the launch of the phone and the start of the selling, Samsung received 92 reports stating phone battery ignition, leading to an explosion of the phone and a complete burn. In the United States, 26 reports were issued with a 55 fire incident because of the device as well as damages to properties. The phone also caused the explosion of a man’s car from Florida. That led the biggest three airlines in the world which are American airlines, Delta air lines and United airlines, to cancel the travel of any passenger carrying a Galaxy Note7.

Device’s Off Sale and the beginning of the replacement program.

Samsung galaxy note 7
Samsung galaxy note 7

At the beginning of September, the US Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) warned users from continuing to use Galaxy Note 7, the thing that prompted Samsung to recall millions of sold devices from the US market.

The company collected 2.5 million units of the phone from the United States as well as another million unit from 10 global markets, they replaced half a million unit in September was said to be safe in which they added a green label on the battery instead of the white label found in most of the devices.

By the end of September reports recorded that about 60% of the damaged phones in the United States and Korea have been replaced, and everyone thought that the problem is over at this point, it wasn’t taken into account that an experienced company like Samsung in this field may fail in finding a solution to such problems.

A collapse in the market value of Samsung.

In last September, market value of the company began to fall. According to Lee Seung, the Korean Industrial Bank analyst, value of the company decreased with $14.3 billion because of the phone as well as losses estimated five billion dollars, that led to the decline in Samsung’s shares’ value which had suffered from a significant decline through the last three years because of the failure of lots of launched products. Although the company had begun to awake from the failures of the past few years with the Galaxy S7 phone, which has achieved good sales and created tremendous momentum for the company, but the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 overthrew the success of the company in the past few months and brought to mind the failure of the past years.

The return of the ignition problem in the substituent devices.

Ignition problems in Note7
Ignition problems in Note7

On the ninth of October the current, ignition problems with substituent mobiles began to appear, which was supposed to be safe, that an Airline trip he has been postponed Southwest US because of a smoke came out from a passenger’s phones, and although Samsung has announced that the problem is in the temperature fluctuations and not in the phone itself, the company received a painful blow from T-Mobile and Version companies, which have decided to stop selling the device until the results of investigations on phone’s explosion.

A last word …

Samsung Headquarters
Samsung Headquarters

Samsung is one of the biggest smartphones manufacturers in the world, they have contributed in the development of smartphones in a big way, they have great popularity among phone users and they are characterized by abundant productions. Perhaps this abundance is what caused the repeated failures of the company when the company started three years ago to put interests in quantity rather than quality and continuous blind imitation rather than creativity, so the incident of the Galaxy Note 7 might bring Samsung back to innovation and creativity – as it was at the beginning – or the company will be dismissed from the smartphone market forever.

Do you think that the Galaxy Note 7 incidents will affect the company’s future sales? Or whether it will remain only a small black dot that will vanish by time? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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