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The Damage of Drinking Nescafe on an Empty Stomach

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Nescafe Drink

Nescafe is a fast-soluble coffee that is used in hot drinks that both children and adults love. It is also used in the preparation of a variety of sweets, and this beverage has many health and aesthetic benefits as a food containing a high percentage of antioxidants, but excessive intake or drinking on an empty stomach in the early hours of the morning leads to damage to the health of the body, so it is recommended to have it an hour after breakfast, and in this article we will mention the damage of Nescafe on an empty stomach.

The damage of drinking Nescafe on an empty stomach

The Damage of Drinking Nescafe on an Empty Stomach

  • The most important damage of drinking Nescafe on an empty stomach is ulcers or acidity, where there are acids in the stomach secreted to stimulate the digestion process and when you drink Nescafe on an empty stomach, these acids in the stomach drop causing ulcer.
  • One of the effects of drinking Nescafe on an empty stomach is lowing the rate of serotonin, which helps to relax the body, also leads to raise the rate of adrenaline and cortisol in the blood, and thus increase the feeling of anxiety and nervousness.
  • Contributes to the production of urine, leading to the exit of large amounts of fluids from the body and drought.
  • Drinking Nescafe on an empty stomach causes loss of the desire to eat as it seals the appetite, and over time the body gets a drop in blood circulation and the incidence of general weakness.
  • Raise blood pressure.
  • Inflammation of the colon.
  • In some cases may lead to cancer.

Benefits of Nescafe

The Damage of Drinking Nescafe on an Empty Stomach

  • Having Nescafe moderately, energizes the body and increases its activity, and saves the body from fatigue: because it contains many nutrients.
  • Protects the body from the risk of cancer and also reduces the spread of tumors.
  • Detoxify the body as a diuretic food.
  • Activates and maintains healthy brain cells that protect against Alzheimer’s disease because it contains high levels of antioxidants.
  • Protects the body from gout caused by over-eating red meat.
  • Cleans the liver, which stimulates it to perform its functions and protect it from the infection with various health problems.
  • Improves mood and treats depression.
  • Increases the strength of hair, because it contains caffeine, which stimulates the body to secret hormones that benefit the roots of hair.
  • Limits the appearance of gray hair.
  • Treats the problem of falling hair.
  • Increases thickness and size of the hair.
  • Enter it the preparation of natural hair dye mixtures.
  • Increases the freshness of the skin and clear its color.
  • Treats the dark circles around the eye.
  • Cleans the skin from bacteria and treats it from pimples.
  • Increases skin health and delay the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Treats skin pigmentation.

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