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Vitamins and Dietary Supplements that Improve Blood Circulation

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The presence of weakness in blood circulation can cause many health problems, and most important laziness and cool of the skin and high blood pressure, and there are many treatments that can be suggested by the doctor, and among these treatments taking some vitamins and nutrition supplements, but before starting with these supplements, one should take the doctor’s approval, and to identify the types of vitamins and supplements that can be taken, the following are the most important.


Having ginger can help to improve blood circulation, because it has the ability to relieve and remove inflammation in the body, including arteries and veins, as inflammation of the veins and arteries working on the its swelling and therefore it impede the flow of blood clearly and affecting the body, and ginger have been used since ancient times as home recipes for the treatment of such cases.

Vitamin E

Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

Having foods that contain Vitamin E or as a dietary supplement can help improve blood circulation, because vitamin E inhibits the effectiveness of Vitamin K in blood clotting, but it is worth mentioning that there is more than one form of Vitamin E and some of them can cause blood circulation problems, therefore, you should take your doctor’s advice before taking these vitamins.


Anthocyanin is found in grapes and peach peel, and can also be obtained in the form of tablets or capsules. This substance can help the body to improve blood circulation in many ways one of these, when the body gets infected, it releases some enzymes that block blood flow. Anthocyanin kills these enzymes and limits their effect. This substance also makes the long veins more comfortable and prevents the arteries from hardening.

Vitamin C

Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

The inclusion of vitamin C in the diet mainly works to improve blood circulation, especially in smokers who often suffer from poor blood circulation. Doctors also advise people who undergo heart surgery to take this vitamin to improve blood circulation after surgery.

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