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10 reasons to keep you love and eating chocolate

Here are 10 reasons to keep you eating chocolate:

  1. Helps on lower your blood pressure: as Flavanols in cocoa seeds help produce nitric oxide, which stimulates blood vessel expansion. As a test of 850 healthy participants showed that chocolate and Flavanol-rich cocoa products had a small but significant effect in reducing blood pressure in the short term. The traditional cocoa drink made from cocoa seeds is preferred as a quick reduction in blood pressure.
  2. Helps to maintain your intelligence: as a cup of cocoa protects the brain from aging, where a recent study shows that the elderly who drank chocolate drinks with a high amount of Flavanol improved their mental performance after 8 weeks.
  3. It doesn’t cause these spots or grain rash: said Elvy (no food causes acne, but some unhealthy diets _ in general – which are high in carbohydrates and low in fruits and vegetables) it’s possible that you are the reason for this and what’s interesting is that the sugar level is low in both dark and milk chocolate so it has a better effect on blood sugar, insulin and also on your skin, unlike many sweets such as sweet drinks and marshmallow.
  4. Can help protecting you from heart attacks and strokes: chocolate is rich in saturated fats, especially Stearic acid, which is exist in cocoa butter chocolate and does not cause high cholesterol as other saturated fats, a research at Cambridge University, proved that the people that use Chocolate more are less to have heart diseases by 37%, and 29% of those who use it less are likely to have strokes. However, this large consumption is only 63 grams per week, says Dr. Oscar Franco, that chocolate can be beneficial but eaten moderately, not in large quantities or greedily.
  5. Useful for bones: and it contains oxalate, a natural compound made up of cocoa granules that prevents absorption of calcium. Oxalates limit the absorption of calcium in the intestine into the bloodstream. A small bar of white chocolate (50 g) contains 1/6 of the daily recommended quantity of calcium and the same size of bar milk chocolate contains a smaller amount.
  6. Fights premenstrual symptoms: and it contains on magnesium, which reduces the convulsions and provide energy, “said Elizabeth Murray Counselor of Coutex” As usual, it is important not to over eating them and the appropriate way to benefit from its advantages is to eat in small quantities.
  7. Increase levels of protection against cancer: Spanish researchers conducted a study on mice fed a diet containing 12% cocoa, and they found that they were protected from colon cancer, although it is a study on the animal and a large amount of cocoa, but scientists think it can be similar to a human being’s degree of protection. “On average, cocoa products have an antioxidant effect, add to that the joy of eating it,” said Dr. Gertrude Maskernik at the Cancer Research Center of Huaii University. To increase the protection from cancer, eat a bar of chocolate that is rich in antioxidants.
  8. In cases of chronic stress: a small study was conducted on 10 chronic stressors at the Hwl York Medical School, and they found that 85% of those who ate 15 grams of cocoa chocolate recorded the least stress, anxiety and depression of others who ate a little chocolate of antioxidants, researchers say it requires more research to prove their validity.
  9. It is not necessary that it makes you fat: it is strange that people who regularly eat chocolate are thinner than those who do not eat (according to a US study conducted this year). No one knows, but people who eat chocolate as part of a balanced diet are healthier than those who eat chocolate in large quantities at once. But unfortunately, it is impossible to deny the fact that 50 grams of chocolate contains 270 calories.
  10. Improving blood flow to the brain: a professor at the University of Nottingham found that drinking Flavanol-rich cocoa drinks improves blood flow to the brain’s main areas. Flavanols in cocoa syrup is the main ingredient of dark chocolate. Professor McDonald’s study also suggested that Flavanol cocoa in chocolate may promote brain function to help fight sleep deprivation, fatigue, and aging effects.

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