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Potbelly diet: tips for a flat belly

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Nutrition, aerobic activity, erect posture and even genetic, all of which affect the shape of your belly. What is the optimal belly diet to get a consistent and flat belly?

It is important at this time to remember how the appearance and loosing the belly’s fats are important, in addition of the rules that we have to follow in order to have an attractive and proper belly, lower calories, intense physical activity, standing upright posture, etc. All shorten your way to the belly you dream of. Here is the best advice from specialists in fitness and nutrition.

  • Standing upright

wrong standing is a very common problem, affecting directly the shape of the body and thus the size of the belly. In addition, it has long-term effects not only of curved walking but of pressure on the back and knees.

The right stand is the one in which the ears are perpendicular to the shoulders and the shoulders are perpendicular to the hips. Thus, when the body is straight from the bottom up, the result of proper standing is the erect appearance and flat belly. In addition to this vital appearance, energy levels improve as lungs grow in erect position.

  • body exercises

flat belly

With regard to fitness exercises that aim to flat the belly, there is an important and urgent rule to follow is that it must work throughout the body and not just the belly. There is a misconception of many people that the best way to strengthen the belly’s abs is to do only abs flexion exercises or additional exercises that move the belly area – but it is not like that.

The belly, which includes the internal organs, as well as the abs and fats are the center of the body, so it is necessary to develop the entire body in order to affect the strength and shape of this sensitive and fundamental area, both in the level of strength or flexibility.

  • 3D exercises

To activate the belly abs, it is not enough to practice traditional and one-dimensional curves. Focus on three major strength exercises, which in turn operated the lower, upper and sides of the belly abs. The upper part of the belly can be operated by the normal belly curvature that we all know, lying on your back and lifting your body toward your feet.

To get the lower belly abs, you can lie on your back and raise your feet, which leads to bending in the lower belly area. Exercises to strengthen the abs of the belly through the belly curvature diagonally or equipped with devices that lead to bending the body so that the areas of the legs and the back remain fixed in the chair.

  • Proper nutrition

flat belly

Simply, in order to get a flat belly, you should eat less and exercise more. Have a diet that includes low amounts of calories and fat, eat regular meals around the clock and maintain adequate amounts of food. In order to maintain a flat belly, you must burn more calories than there is in your fat cells.

The best way to start an effective diet, is by a nutrition specialist. One of the most important rules for the subject of belly appearance is the feeding system, no matter how many belly exercises you perform, if there is an accumulation of fat in the belly area, you will not see the abs that will be hidden among many fat cells.

  • Take care of the digestive system

One of the most common causes of belly swollen, sometimes because of various digestive problems the belly swollen. Therefore, you should pay attention to the types of food that cause you discomfort or bloating that leave the feeling of belly swollen. Avoiding these foods may relieve you a lot.

  • Don’t rush

Achieving goals in terms of fitness and body appearance is a matter of time. Do not believe in quick results or the ads that promise you a “flat belly within ten days.” Flat belly is a result of regular nutrition and physical activity. In order to achieve the goal, keep going towards it gradually and in balanced way.

  • Set a realistic goal

First, do not forget that flat belly like many of our health and appearance – is related to genetic, for the negative or positive. Many people will not be able to enjoy a flat belly from a certain age and they will find it very difficult to get. This does not mean that you can’t improve the appearance of your belly with the above rules, but you have to develop realistic expectations about the outcome you want.

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