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False information about the digestive system

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Most of the misinformation is due to ignorance or misunderstanding. As for the information about the digestive system, many of them have no validity and have been transmitted among generations as health information that must be adhered to, and to distinguish some of this misinformation in the following:

False information about the digestive system

The gum need years to get digested

This may be because the parents didn’t want their children to chew gum. And although it didn’t get analyze in the digestion process, but that doesn’t mean that it will stick to the stomach for a long time, because the body gets rid of it and moves it through the intestine because it does not mean that it will stick to the stomach for a long time. As the body gets rid of it with the disposals, but it takes a few days to get out.

Spicy foods cause ulcers

Although spicy foods can cause some pain in the digestive system, they can’t be the cause of the ulcer. It is now known that the ulcer is caused by a type of bacteria. Spicy foods can increase the ulcer, but can’t cause it.

Carrying heavy weights cause hernia

Heavy weights can cause hernia, but it is not the only cause. There are many factors that help to cause it, including the weakness of the lining of the muscles surrounding the stomach. It is worth noting that severe coughing can also cause hernia.

Bowel obstruction

It is old belief that eating nuts and foods that contain small seeds can cause intestinal obstruction, as these seeds are attached to the channels and cause pain, but in some recent studies it has been shown that people who eat foods high in fiber are less likely to have Intestinal obstruction.

Smoking can relieve heartburn

Nicotine, which is present in cigarettes, can cause relaxation in the upper stomach muscle, which is responsible for preventing the juice from going out through the esophagus, so smoking can’t cure heartburn in any way.

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