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Dogs think the same as humans

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Do dogs like humans and miss them when they are away or even leave for work? If you are a dog lover your answer will definitely be yes, but Professor Georgi Burns, Professor of Neural Economics at Emory University has already told us the scientific answer of this question, in an article that was published on the New York Times magazine.

Professor Georgi Burns said that After a 20-year of studying the human brain and making X-rays on it, but when his dog died 2 years ago, he started thinking of doing the same as he did with the human brain but on his Dog’s brain

After two-year of studying the brains of dogs, he has come with a result that the brains of the dogs work just like human’s brains in terms of electrical activities and so on, so that in the future, dogs will have emotions just like humans.

And when he scanned the brains of the dog by MRI, explaining that he used this technique to discover that the neurons in the dog’s brain need oxygen and food to be activated like the human brain.

Burns also said that when the dog get subjected to a radiation device, the device sends radio waves to trigger protons (a particle that carries a positive electrical unit) in the body, and that the dog’s brain is very much the same as the human brain, demonstrated that the human and dog brains have the same anatomic structure from the outside, including a special area of the brain responsible for the positive energy, and that it has been able to determine how the dog can determine the odor of the homeowner.

He also said that they had begun to understand how dogs’ powerful sense of smell helps identify homeowners. And that science has shown that there is a large similarity in the activity of an important part of the brain, which is known as the cavernous cell, which confirms that the dog carries emotions like humans, such as the passion of loyalty to the owner.

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