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Benefits of Gymnastics for Children

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Gymnastics is one of the most important sports in which a child can get flexibility, balance and muscle strength. There are many types of gymnastics. The first type is rhythmic gymnastics, which requires a lot of flexibility through the use of balls of different sizes and strips to perform certain movements and arts. The second type is the artistic gymnastics. This type uses the most for girls. It includes the use of the vault, belts and floors. There is also a third type, which is the gymnastics of the team. It is very similar to artistic gymnastics but it is through an integrated team instead of having one child. The exercise of gymnastics improves the existing skills of children and develops their abilities. They are also able to solve problems in their growth, strengthen bones and improve them, and reduce tension. In this article, we will learn about the benefits of gymnastics for children and their damage in detail.

Benefits of Gymnastics for Children

  • It improves the flexibility of the body and increases its strength and balance.
  • Teach the child the importance of commitment to at an early age of his life because commitment helps him in his practical live later in life.
  • The sport of gymnastics gives the child confidence and increases his ability to impress the people around him through the development of his abilities and the way to solve all the problems that face him calmly and intelligently.
  • This sport strengthens the muscles and improves the health of the entire skeleton.
  • Through gymnastics, a child can receive many medals as a reward and appreciation for all efforts in this sport. This is a great achievement for a child in his early life and age.

Damages of gymnastics for children

  • Gymnastics is a sport that is interested in stretching muscles constantly, which sometimes leads to stunting or growth of the child.
  • The sport of gymnastics stops the growth of the breasts in the female.
  • Children gymnastic players are more prone to extreme injuries than adult players, and injuries are either in the ankle, knee or full foot and pelvis.
  • There are tools used in gymnastics such as loops and others that increase the hardness of the skin on the hands of the child and tear all the ligaments in the palm of the hand in the child.
  • Due to the child’s interest in this sport, he may neglect education and school achievement due to fatigue, stress, stress and hard work.
  • Gymnastics can cause major disturbances in children in terms of eating and diet.

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