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Another collide between Apple and the CIA!

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Is it happening again?! Apple enters another legal battle with the CIA!

No sooner had Apple company end the famous battle with the FBI because of the unlock of an Iphone belongs to Sayed Farouq, known as the San Bernardino attacker, they entered another battle with the CIA starring this time Daher Aden’s Iphone, the Minnesota attacker who carried out a stab in a shopping mall and injured nine persons in last September.

A statement issued by the FBI caused an argument about the possibility of another legal battle with Apple in a very similar to mass shooting in San Bernardino case. Reports confirm that an FBI Agent talked about the issue of the man who stabbed 10 people in a Shopping Mall in Minnesota last month and said that the agency is considering legal options as well as technical ones.

In a press conference held in Saint Cloud Minnesota, the FBI agent Rich Thornton declared that the FBI had got the Iphone of the attacker of Minnesota, Daher Aden, who’s suspected of belonging to the ISIS. Rich confirmed that Daher Aden’s Iphone is locked with a password and that the FBI are trying to unlock the device to access its contents. He described the attempt to access the data with the Legal and Technical process.

Similarities in the two cases are noteworthy. In both cases we have a locked iPhone belongs to a person suspected of having relation with the Islamic state.

Given the fact that the FBI is now aware of Apple’s rejection and resistance of any extraordinary steps to access the phone, they probably will not contact Apple directly, but perhaps they will choose the same method taken before which is the assist of a third side to unlock the phone. But this process may not be effective if the device works with an A7 or post-A7 processor, making it difficult to decode device encryption.

Perhaps it is unlikely that the FBI resort a third side after the failed experiment in decoding the previous phone when they paid a lot of money to find the phone has with no useful information because the perpetrator of the operation erased any data that would make it easier for the detective to access important information from the phone.

Plus, it’s unlikely that Apple would cooperate with the FBI
especially after their success in gaining the trust of their customers last time when they refused anything but protecting the privacy of their customers whom they need now more than ever.

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