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8 Lies about SEO that you believe!

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8 lies about the Search Engine Optimization .. Don’t believe them!

If you go to Google to search for a Search Engine Optimization, you will find thousands of results that make you confused. If you search for Search Engine Optimization, you will find thousands and millions of results that contain many lies. This field is considered talisman for some people. Just like any profession, there are some spread myths and lies used by some specialists for either good faith with inexperience or to quickly set a customer up! That’s why I put in this article some of the most famous lies you may hear!

1- Search Engine Optimization does not work!

If the leak occurred in a plumbing in your home and you went to a specialist in plumbing to do the necessary repairs and he didn’t succeed, you certainly won’t say that plumbing is no good! This is how it is with the SEO; there are lots of business and websites owners who lose hope in optimizing their websites for search engines just because they were not able to put a logical limit to the expectations of their findings or necessary resources to achieve a remarkable improvement.

2- I guarantee you that your website becomes No. 1 in Google results!

This lie is repeated often by some companies and SEO professionals just to lure customers! But I tell you once; no one can guarantee this promise no matter what experience he has, and a professional marketer wouldn’t promise what might not happen. There are many factors, variables, time, money and planning to get satisfactory results in the search engine results. Plus, it differs from one website to another and from one field to another. If you’re a marketer, do not put lies with marketing your services, and if you’re a business owner, does not believe that promise.

3- I’m smart and I can fool Google to optimize your site in search results!

Well if you’re that smart, why don’t you work for Google! Google depends in the nucleus of its own research on hundreds of complex algorithms, which is difficult to be fooled and it doesn’t work against you as a user, but works to be up to what you want ASAP when searching in Google. In the world of the SEO, we follow Google’s instructions accurately and professionally for a successful outcome, there is no need at all to fool Google.

4- All areas are same; you don’t need experience to optimize your site!

Although there are many similar points and steps you can follow to optimize your site in search engines, there are also differences. Some fields contain more competitive keywords than others, and other fields are less competitive. Plus, a SEO specialist who has experience in your field will be more able to understand market and company’s requirements more than someone who will need to learn the field. Always give priority to a SEO specialist who has experience in the field of your own company.

5- The more external links you’ve got .. The more it’s better!

Until recently, one of the strategies used to optimize results of your website is to have the biggest number of external links with any quality, Google didn’t care. But it’s different now; the quality of external links is more important than its number, plus, the numerous links with poor quality like spam links could hurt your results and bring you a punishment from Google rather than optimizing the results of your website.

6- You can’t optimize your own website! We use techniques and tactics that can’t be learned!

Of course you can optimize your website for search engines yourself. All informations are available on the Internet and it’s not that complicated. Theoretically, if you invest the right time and effort you can have amazing results and optimize the results of your website in search engines. But like any skill and knowledge, there is a learning curve you must pass. Knowing the factors affecting the SEO and various technical aspects plus applying them with what suits your website, needs a lot of effort and time. You can do it, but if you don’t have time and patience, you should choose a specialist.

7- Google updates cause the weakness of the results!

It’s true that Google updates their search algorithms from time to time. Indeed, these updates may cause some bugs in the results, but Google always follow one manner in their updates which is linking websites with good content to high-quality links from reputable websites. Google often announce for these updates before applying them. So, don’t accept that these updates are always an excuse for their weak results.

8- I’m going to reform and optimize your results in one month!

Optimizing your website for search engines is a continuous process that can’t be done only once because many competitors show up daily, plus, the world of search is constantly changing and renewing. So, if you do not keep optimizing your website and follow up the results and the continuous development, you will stay in the rear. Searching for keywords, analyzing your website or repairing some of the technical problems can be done at a specific time, but it may take more than 8 months or even years of work to optimize your website, and it differs from one field to another and from one geographical area to another.

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