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You’re buying and storing your cheese wrong!

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7 Fatal mistakes we all do when buying or storing cheese!

Cheese is one of the pleasures of life enjoyed by everyone, it has many types and usage ideas in various and endless dishes. So, if you are among the few who refuses to eat it for any reason, we are sorry to inform you that what you’re missing experiencing one of the most delicious things on earth! Of course, such an important food is supposed to be given its right and to be eaten in a way that suits it. This is why we are gathered here today: to correct all the wrong ways in storing and eating cheese after buying it, which keeps between you and enjoy it to the max!

1- Eating cheese right after getting it out of the refrigerator.

One of the most common mistakes most of us do is eating cheese right after taking it from the refrigerator. It’s advised that you eat it in the room temperature to enjoy its delicious flavour as you should!

2- How do we cut the cheese?

If you have to cut cheese – especially white ones – and it falls in pieces when it’s still on the edge of the knife, it means that your method is wrong. When you cut it, you must wet the knife with warm water; this will not only maintain its strength but also will make the cutting process easier for you.

3- Buying cheese more than the needs.

That’s what always happens when we go shopping and generally stand in front of the cheeses section, we think that we’ll eat cheese every morning for breakfast and in a sandwich in the evening as we convince ourselves we will be making cheesy Sambosa more than ten times a month, then we find ourselves buying more quantity than we need, and it finally stays in the refrigerator for a long time until the flavour changes and it spoils ultimately and we end up throwing it in the garbage! You can easily avoid this wasteful and unnecessary purchase when we buy repeatedly even if you use it a lot in your home!

4- Whenever rot appears, immediately get rid of the cheese.

When we start noticing rot on the surface of the cheese, naturally the easiest solution that comes to mind is to throw it in the garbage, but why would we throw away eatable food when we can just simply remove the rot safely by cutting it with a knife? After this process, we put it a glass or a plastic container on a napkin to take the moisture and we change it constantly when we need. This way, we can save the cheese for several months!

5- Cheeses with the stench disgusts us.

Despite the fact that there is a French idiom says: “Good cheese smells like feet”, most of us just can’t live with the idea that a food with that smell could taste great! Cheese’s bad smell could be an evidence of good quality and type, but of course we are here talking about fresh cheese, not the one lying on your fridge for years with rot all over it!

6- We buy pre-sliced cheese.

Most of us will commit the mistake of buying chopped cheese which doesn’t insure us the correct production date or the method of storing including smells and flavours it may have caught, which is one of the reasons why lots of people buy from hyper markets even though we might buy it from regular markets, just keep an eye on the slicing and covering process!

7- Store it wrongly in the refrigerator

Cheese is like sponges, it captures smells and flavors around it! The solution is very simple; you keep it inside its plastic cover, and after opening it, you put it in another closable plastic bag before you return it to the refrigerator!

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