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13 new feature of the operating system iOS

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Apple had launched the new version of iOS as usual every year to put many new features of its customers to develop the ability of customers to deal with the phone more sophisticated and this article contains 13 new features in iOS.

  1. The redesigned Control Center lets you quickly scroll to find the settings that you use most often and you can add or delete all the shortcuts that you want.
  2. Apple has changed the way the screen shot works and now you can record everything you do on the screen with video and you can also put your mark down the snapshot and distinguish that snapshot before you share it.
  3. There are a lot of improvements in Siri‘s personal assistant, which you will notice a change in sound to become more realistic.
  4. Now you can ask Siri to translate into Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Italian.
  5. Apple added new filters to the images to give your images more patterns.
  6. Window notifications are now the same as the screen locks.
  7. Apple has redesigned the store to make it easier for browsing through it instead of being just a place to visit when you need an application.
  8. Apple finally has a file system on iPhone and iPad. It’s called files, and it’s inside Apple’s application that it may not be hidden.
  9. Apple’s music program is now more than a social network, but you can create a page for your account and follow your friends and what they hear and share with you.
  10. There is a new way that prevent from talking on the phone or following messages while driving.
  11. You can also scan the memory in a fast way with the new improved feature storage where you click settings then general and then iphone
  12. You will not need to ask about the Wi-Fi password where you can now share it with your contacts to run it. All you need is to put your device near the person who needs access to the network and the device will pass the password to it.
  13. Apple has set up a keyboard using with one hand. To activate it, press constantly on the smiley icon which usually opens the keyboard for the tag.

Will you take the primitive risk and use the latest operating system for Apple??



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