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WiFox an application for travelers for free internet at airports!

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When you’re alone in the airport waiting for someone to arrive or waiting for a delayed plane, time goes slowly without internet and you’ll definitely be bored. Anil Polat, a security engineer and a travelling lover, decided to solve this problem by creating WiFox; a reactive map with the available Wi-Fi in the airports around the world.

It’s a map that’s continually updated by pilots and travelers and the users can edit and modify the passwords. It also included a guide to how to connect to Wi-Fi networks.

The map is available on WiFox app and travelers can download it on their smartphones and laptops and be updated with the latest passwords to stay connected to internet in the airport.

Polat says ” Connecting to internet via Wi-Fi in many airports isn’t an easy thing and it’s often impossible without a password”. He also adds ” That’s why this application came as a savior for those who have trouble connecting to internet during travel”


View map
View map

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Necessity is the mother of invention

The idea came to Polat when he himself was having a major trouble staying connected to internet during his various travels. He decided to gather all the Wi-Fi names and passwords which he obtained from the airports around the world and share it with his friends and his followers on his blog.

He also invited them to share the passwords they got during their travels. That’s how a huge list of passwords and Wi-Fi networks has been gathered in one place. The map was then developed into an application WiFox to facilitate the search for a certain Wi-Fi network in addition to supplying other information which may help locating where the Wi-Fi network is as well as the best places for a strong Wi-Fi signal.

The application now covers more than 80 airports for now and it can be downloaded from App store, Google Play or can be bought from Amazon with a price of 1.99$.

The application is currently available for both Android and IOS and the the app developer says that the purpose of WiFox is helping travelers enjoy their travels and staying connected to internet wherever they are around the world.


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