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Sports benefits to the body

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  • It works to strengthen and improve the appearance of the muscles of the body, so as to provide harmony and balanced agility.
  • Helps to open the appetite and riddance the body of fat and excess obesity through the consumption of excess calories from human needs, and facilitates the process of removal and clean the body of waste and harmful impurities.
  • The sport promotes blood circulation and supports body metabolism.
  • Protects against chronic and serious diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke, cancer, blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Helps you get the right and fit weight.
  • Exercises eliminates the roughness of joints and bones, and it give them strength and flexibility.
  • It strengthens the immune system in the body and fights various diseases.
  • Helps to fight the signs of aging and delay the manifestations of aging such as dementia and the inability to remember certain things.
  • Contribute to the granting and improvement of positive mental health and the elimination of negative emotions.
  • It supports ties, friendships and social relations that raise morale and increase feelings of family and social cohesion.

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