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Reasons you don’t expect may lead to a bacterial infection of the digestive system

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The bacterial infection of the digestive system, most if it is caused by bacteria called Campylobacter, and it is a type of intestinal infections that lead to stomach cramps, and diarrhea of water or blood, nausea, vomiting, and fever, as that bacteria multiply significantly on remnants of foods exposed to the air, until they become poisonous and inedible, and according to a study, conducted in England, the researchers looked for people infected with this type of bacteria and asked them to fill out a questionnaire about their habits before the disease, They found a close correlation between these habits, increased disease rates, and activities that were linked to an increase Risk of disease:


Regular use of chicken, at least once a week, increases the risk of infection. Studies have shown that consumption of cooked chicken is not the cause of the disease, but the way in which raw foods are treated and prepared is the cause of the disease. In 2005, researchers in England discovered the presence of these bacteria in 47 percent of the raw chicken breast. To ensure safe preparation of the chicken, it is recommended to wash them and clean the surfaces that you are using to cut the chicken on it. And boiling the chicken and it is advised to wash your hands, and sterilize them well, and it has been warned from eating them when they aren’t cooked well, because they contain a large amount of bacteria.

Purchase of pets

Pet animals contain highly toxic bacteria, especially in dogs, cats, and farm animals. A recent study found that people who acquire dogs are the most susceptible to the disease, but also found that the acquisition of some people for dogs for long periods, Reduce the risk of infection, as they build partial immunity over time, so it is always advised to wash hands well, after dealing with these animals, and you should avoided them in the event of them experiencing diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, to avoid carrying infection, and conservation On public safety.

Travelling abroad

Frequent moving and travel from one area to another increases the risk of infection with various bacteria, especially Campylobacter bacteria, which enter the digestive system by drinking and eating contaminated foods, and to avoid the symptoms of this bacteria, which are diarrhea and nausea, it is necessary to stay away from drinking water from the tap, and use private toothbrush only, and not to consume unpasteurized milk, or dairy products, fruits and raw vegetables, and eating meat, fish, and raw oysters should be avoided, In order to maintain the safety of the digestive system.

The use of antacids

These drugs increase the risk of infection with the bacteria, which neutralize acids in the stomach, which are used to address harmful bacteria in the body, and thus increase the number of bacteria, and cause infection.

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