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All league related discussions, champion guides, builds, bug fixes, patch notes and More!


Doom bots: A new league of legends game mode!

Dooms bot This mode is a new mode in league of legends for a limited period in 6.21 in which powerful bots are going to be fighting you instead of players. It...

Find the changes in 6.21, meta changes and op picks!

Nerfing Nidelee With the early damage, pressure junglers like nidelee and gravse, it's imminent that tank meta may come back. Huge Nasus buff  Best junglers now and much more!    
Evelynn, Guide to mastery

Evelynn: Your guide to invisible Elo.

The Mini Map: Before we talk about how to climb with Evelynn, we firstly need to talk about map awareness and map pressure. Your mini-map is the most important companion. Many of...
Tyrant Swain

An Advanced Swain Guide.

Introduction: Like all tanks, Swain deals a ton of damage, heals for a lot and offers good amount of CC. I'm a plat player with 66% winrate. I played 100+ games on swain...


Useful foods to strengthen memory

Strong memory Everyone wants to have a strong memory, able to remember all the details and the most accurate information, especially if the person is...
Benefits of Thyme

Benefits of Thyme