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Monday, September 21, 2020

League of Legends 7.4 Patch Rundown By LS Caster.

Buffs:  Cho'Gath Bard Nerfs: Corki Cassiopeia Corki Jhin Katarina Maokai Ryze The general band-aid for riot now is to nerf everything that's powerful till they can do something serious about it which is...

Joing Redmercy On His Way To Masters Journey

Played Champions: Game 1 : Ahri > Win Game 2 :  Azir > Win Game 3 : Zed Showing how much a good jungler can affect the game with an verage Redmercy performance.  


Pink Panther gang are accused of stealing Kim Kardashian!

Deceiving police in a shocking ways .. shooting their victims without blood .. The "Pink Panther" gang are accused of stealing Kardashian! Professionally like Hollywood, masked...