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League of Legends 7.4 Patch Rundown By LS Caster.

Buffs:  Cho'Gath Bard Nerfs: Corki Cassiopeia Corki Jhin Katarina Maokai Ryze The general band-aid for riot now is to nerf everything that's powerful till they can do something serious about it which is...

Joing Redmercy On His Way To Masters Journey

Played Champions: Game 1 : Ahri > Win Game 2 :  Azir > Win Game 3 : Zed Showing how much a good jungler can affect the game with an verage Redmercy performance.  


How did the universe rise?

Astronomy The development of astronomy has been set by the first Muslims astronomers, such as: Abdul Rahman al-Sufi, al-Biruni and Ibn al-Haytham, and scientists of...
Best Drinks to Burn Fat

Best Drinks to Burn Fat

Ways to treat mouth ulcer