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An Entrance To The World Of Programming For Beginners.

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An Entrance To The World Of Programming For Beginners.

Have you ever thought about entering the world of programming? What kept you from that?

Do you see it as a strange world? Or do you feel that it is very close to you and you just need some guidance?

Below I will review with you some of the sights of that technical world, but before you start with me you should be aware:

First, this article is not for regular learners in the field of computers, whether in specialized institutes or colleges, it is for those who see the world of programming from afar and wants an access to it.

Second, In that world, people with weak motivation, laziness or defeatism can’t stand. So, ask yourself before you begin, will you endure to the end or not?!

Finally, the possibility that this speech isn’t free of errors is low, if you see something wrong, directly correct it to us without any permission or sensing any kind of shyness, so that everyone benefit the advantages.

We can start our first step in introducing the world of programming by answering three main questions:

First: Why do you want to enter this world, is it for a kind of education or to apply for a job?

Second: what areas do you prefer to start with, Desktop, Web or Mobile?

Third: how much time do you have to take yourself or your products out to the world?

Open sources doesn’t mean productivity!

First: Why do you want to enter this world?

First, you should know that this world – nowadays – is full of creative people, and with time, their creativity is increasing. So, if don’t trust yourself and you insist of competing with those, you should quit now!

If you entered this world to learn before anything, this is the correct beginning, you have to give before you take, and do before you ask.

If you entered this world to develop yourself in order to get a prestigious job, you should be aware that it will not take days or weeks or even months, it probably will take years. Take the two things in parallel, progressing in the job and continuing to learn:

Second : what areas do you prefer to start with, Desktop, Web or Mobile?

Programming world is divided to three parallel tracks, desktop, mobile and Web, and each of them has its own market. I will not tell you which one is better because each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but I’ll show you a quick comparison between them and you have to choose.

Programming Languages War, Who gets to win?


Frontend webdeveloper
Front-end web developer

It is the most prevalent, most competitive, most wanted, easier-educated, best in the supply and perhaps it needs the least qualifications.

Nowadays, anything moving in the world has a website, if not, a Facebook page or any of the social network sites. It’s the most competitive due to the large number of sites and their related subjects and overlap. It’s also the most popular due to its easiness in communicating, it became indispensable.

Plus, it is the easiest to learn, and doesn’t need more than a text-reader software and a web browser. On the other hand, it doesn’t give you a lot of possibilities that probably is available in mobile or desktop. If you want to start, consider the picture below and devise what exactly is it that you want to learn, the picture is representing languages used in web programming, there is no room to discuss them now.


Mobile programming
Mobile programming

Fast like a rocket, with all its family of smartphones, Mobiles are coming with an increasing sell rate that outperformed all known computers, they are very widespread – even if less than web – and the field of competition is still open and available, and the call for it is increasing by time.

You may face some difficulties in learning it, It’s not as easy as Web-programming but it gives you a higher chances and possibilities. If you want to start with it, notice the picture below (some ratios now has changed, especially Android’s increasing on what they are in the picture) and devise what do exactly is it that you want to learn in mobile-programming. Picture is representing languages used in web programming, there is no room to discuss them now


Popular desktop programming languages
Popular desktop programming languages

Is the perfect start to any regular learner because it gives you the true meaning of programming invented for it. This may not be available on web and mobile programming which depends the most on shape more than content.

It may not be as popular as web and mobile programming, but it gives you the highest possible potential to achieve all that you want. In the market, it still has opportunities remains, but less than mobile and web (due to the difficulty of implementing such programs compared to the web and mobile).

When we say “programmed with Google’s programming language!”

Finally, here’s the general comparison:

Finally, how much time do you put to get out or get your products out to the world?

If you feel that your time is limited or the period in which you wish to accomplish your work is somehow small, the best thing that would benefit you in this field is videos. They give you the most important thing you need to begin and they are found in almost all fields. There’s a wide variety on Youtube that has many videos which may prepare you for your goal.

If you are self-term owner with high motivation, I advise you to start reading specialized books, you may face a language problem because they’re all foreign, but with time you’ll get used to it, and you can also start with Arabian books which are good, although they do not achieve your goal most of the times.

In conclusion, I wish I’ve been able to clarify the picture to you a bit about that interesting world, maybe if you get involved in it your life will change thousands of times to the better. You just need to take a decision, and define your goal well.

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