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Your 12 Steps For Learning New Skills Quickly!

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How to Learn New Skills Quickly, Here Are 12 Steps That Will Definitely Help You! 

  Usually we ask ourselves if we can learn skills quickly or I could learn Spanish faster if I were in my twenties. It is always a matter of ‘’ If I were’’. These are the words that we keep telling ourselves to justify the excuses which hold us back from learning anything. The internet has become a more open world nowadays and there are many websites which provide us with interesting information and courses on how to acquire many skills. Websites offer this service freely without the need to pay much money but it is only done by one click of the mouse on your own computer or Tablet and you finally find everything you want to learn.

What you mostly need is the will to learn. Having the will to learn decreases the time spent to learn anything. Tony Robins, A public speaker and American author, states that the ability of an individual to progress in the world is related to his\her ability to learn fast. Thus, in this article, you will find the steps that will help you arrange your ideas in order to learn something new and it will give you a simple push that is only complemented by your strength of will.

1. Do not re-invent the Wheel:


Why re-invent the wheel? There is a rumor among everybody that one should learn everything by him\herself and to excel it solely along with exerting much effort and time. All of the previous can be achieved better with someone else who can help you and make you see what you are oblivious of and you would do the same for him\her. One should think of the past when trying to learn a new language or acquire a new skill. You may have progressed slowly at the beginning but after months and years of experience and mistakes, one is more capable to reach solutions more easily. Moreover, one becomes more capable of helping other friends avoid the mistakes he\she has committed. In order to excel anything fast, you should consult those who are subtle and have approached this skill earlier than you in order to quote their own way of learning this skill and avoid the difficulties they have gone through. These previous subtle individuals can add to your dreams unexpected matters and they give you estimations of what you can face. Additionally, they can recommend future solutions, thus, it is important to form your own network. This previous step can be achieved through watching videos related to this skill, following the advice of a real person, reading a blog you like to follow or a book or a group of books.

2. Dismantle the Skill.

You should deal with the skill as if it is a big problem that is hard to deal with currently. One should dismantle the skill into a group of smaller basic skills. Eventually, one can address this major skill after gathering the small basic parts of it. One should try to find the smallest part of important matters which can be learned at the beginning, and eventually, one will find that he\she have learnt 80% of the skill.

This step applies on the 80-20 rule which can be used in various matters such as:

  • Work: 80% of sales stem from 20% agents.
  • Employees: 80% of results stem from 20% of employees
  • Happiness: 80% of happiness stem from 20% of relationships.

This way of thinking states that the simplest things can change various matter in your life including your will to learn. 80% of our success stem from 20% of our learning the required skill.

One should try to find the basics which give the individual the ability to learn 80% of the skill at the shortest time possible. Josh Kaufman states that a person should learn a skill in 20 hours, thus, a person should specify 20 hours of his\her time to acquire any skill.

3. Stop Multi-tasking:

Stop Multi-Tasking
Stop Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking is a guilty pleasure which have become viral after the spread of various phone applications. These applications enable you to check the email and then move to Facebook, Instagram and then talk with someone every 5 minutes. All of this previous can destroy you, consume so much of your time and prevent you from learning what you want.

An individual should think of his\her device when there are more than 20 programs opened at the same time. One should think that this will only lessen the efficiency of the device and make it slower with dealing with data. There are many studies which illustrate that when a person is interrupted from doing a specific mission, his\her mind need 25 minutes to regain the same ability to concentrate again. This applies on concentrating for a long time since this approach will only allow you to learn a skill from 6 to 12 months or more. This is due to the individuals’ inability to keep focusing a certain project, idea or talent and you lose the passion for the idea whenever the period of learning it is longer.

4. Repeat, repeat, repeat:

This rule is annoying for many but it is one of the most important steps to learn anything. A study in Florida found that people think experts in a certain area have become experts because they have skill, talent or they are smarter than others. This could be true but lack of talent does not indicate failure since hard work, repetition and diligence are what create geniuses and experts.

5. Search for Reactions:

Search For Reactions
Search For Reactions

In 1960, The Beatles were not a famous rock band. Subsequently, they went to Hamburg, Germany, to perform a party in a club. At that time, the group did not have much money and the audio was terrible that they did not receive the approbation of the crowd. What the group did next is that they did not stop playing music and they rehearsed more. This quick reaction of rejection has only made them better. This is one of the keys of success which is to know well what you are doing and develop yourself constantly. This point is linked to your ability to accept criticism and all the opinions around you. Additionally, one should turn these criticisms to his\her own favor in order to learn and develop.

6. Always Step Forward:

Step Forward
Step Forward

Unfortunately, many people give up in the middle of the road. Yet, it is important to know the right time to give up. Moreover, one should have the ability to fight and get up from setbacks until you reach what you want. Seth Godden, An American author, states that there are five reasons behind failure and they are as follows:

  1. You run out if time and give up.
  2. You run out if time and give up.
  3. You get afraid and give up.
  4. You do not take what you are doing seriously and give up.
  5. You lose interest in what you love and give up.

Psychologists state that there is a term called transformation period and it is this time we go through towards a change such as learning a new skill. We all start with great excitement and when actions start to get complicated, our performance declines and at this moment, many people think about giving up. Thus, it is important to expect this moment of decline in order to avoid it or at least, prepare for it.

7. Observation, Contemplation and Thought:

One should not consume all his\her time with learning and work but give some time to think quietly and observe the surroundings in order to come out with new ideas.  These new ideas can transform your life to different aspects and it can be a start towards the development you desire. These moments are crucial to make you feel peace and tranquility.

8. Practice and Experiment:

Practice is a very important step more than you can imagine. All what you read and all the theories have no value without actual application. You do not have to stop reading or taking notes but you should experiment and execute what you read scientifically. If the experiment fails, one should learn from it as well in order to progress and learn more. Tom Edison did not suffice with reading theories about electricity but he tried many times until he could invent the lamp. Additionally, Henry Ford did not only plan for his car invention, but he started executing his ideas immediately.

9. Value Learning Over Money:

Learning Over Money
Learning Over Money

Money is important indeed but if you work, you should utilize a part of your money to invest in yourself and gain many new experiences which will develop your life.

10. Depend on Experiment and mistakes more than anything:

Most inventions have started from a mistake or a coincidence. Thus, even if you do not know the road you are walking through; you should follow the signs and keep learning and doing what you love. Moreover, you should discover yourself and apply the principle of “experiment and mistake” until you get what you want since this will add to your experience and ability to know the world.

11. Search for Someone to Challenge:

Someone to Challenge
Someone to Challenge 

Challenging someone who is more skilled is something very enjoyable and it will motivate you to learn and achieve more.  However, this concept should not misunderstand since it only means fruitful challenge and not wish upon failure.

12. Be Thankful:

Be Thankful
Be Thankful

When you wake-up in the morning, write all of Gods’ blessings and be thankful. When you ask for a help from someone and he\she hands it to you, you should be thankful. Give as much as possible without waiting for a return. Moreover, try to help others in order to give meaning and happiness to your life and learning process. You should remember that value lies within the journey and all of what you gain during the road of learning and it is not just the end that counts.

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