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Why do Chocolate Stimulate Acne?

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Many people believe that the appearance of acne is strongly linked to the nature of the skin, there are sensitive skin, fatty and dry, and some studies that look at the reasons why chocolate caused the excitement of acne, has shown that there is an effect outside the skin has a big role In the appearance of acne, the following are some of the results of these studies:

Why do Chocolate Stimulate Acne?

  • The changes in the immune system were investigated when eating chocolate. These changes were linked to the appearance of acne. These changes are the secretion of blood cells to two substances that play a large role in inflammation and the body’s resistance to microorganisms.
  • The study was conducted on 7 healthy people. As blood samples were taken from them before and after they have chocolate for four consecutive days, and blood cells were found to produce a greater amount of (interleukin-1B). As this is a sign to the immune system to the presence of inflammation, in case of exposure the blood to one of the bacteria causing acne, which is called Propionibacterium acnes.
  • Besides, the amount of interleukin 10 that was found in the blood has increased after eating chocolate, and one of the properties of this substance is that it works to weaken the body against microorganisms such as bacteria, and therefore can’t resist another type of bacteria that cause acne, called staphylococcus aureus.
  • Why do Chocolate Stimulate Acne?
  • Although it is proven that eating chocolate has a significant effect on the appearance of acne, it has not yet been known what substance contained in chocolate that cause this stimulation of acne, although the containment of chocolate on many components, the most important sugar and fat.
  • In another study, chocolate was taken by 10 men, and found to be able to increase the symptoms of acne, and these studies are preliminary to detect the substances causing these symptoms.
  • Studies have shown that foods that contain high carbohydrate content such as white bread, which accelerate the decomposition of sugar in the blood and increase its percentage, also works to stimulate acne, and it was observed that communities that follow a diet does not contain carbohydrates in large proportions, do not suffer from the symptoms of acne in large proportions compared to communities with a diet rich in carbohydrates.

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