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What You Should Do Before Your Interview!

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Continuing on with our series, this is the second part in which we tell you how to prepare before the interview and the attitude you should have.

Preparations For Your Interview:

1- The first thing you need to do is doing some research about he company’s history and     collecting as much information as possible about it. The more information you have about the company, the more it’ll help you and the more you know about the person with whom you’ll do the interview, you’ll have a much higher chance of being accepted and it will save you a ton of guessing.

 2- Neither be too early nor too late for your appointment. Try to arrive at a suitable time (usually 15 to 20 minutes).

3- If you feel that you’ll be rejected, hide your feelings. Nobody knows what might happen and it may all be bad thoughts or the interviewer putting you under more pressure to test your breaking point.

4- Don’t explicitly state a previous work experience negativity for it gives a very terrible impression about you. They will immediately think that you’ll do defame them as you’re doing to your previous managers.

5- Organize and well edit your CV ( Curriculum Vitae).

6- After collecting as much information as you can about the place, start preparing the questions that the interviewer will or would ask you.

7- Rehearse a couple of times whether in front of a mirror or with someone. If you’ll rehearse with someone, make certain he won’t put you down and will point the parts you need to improve.

8- Keep good positivity and a warm real smile. Be sure that they’ll know if you’re faking it.

9- In an interview, always expect that it’s gonna be extreme and fierce so don’t expect it to be an easy task. They’ll put you under tremendous pressure before and during an interview especially if it’s a high rank position.

*An example for pressure before an interview, leaving you waiting for a long period to see if     you’ll give up or create a mess. Don’t make that mistake and stay calm and collective.

10- Talk about your business achievements and the differences you made in your previous work places and the places you’ve been to.

11- Be extremely patient regardless of how silly the questions are.

12- Show interest about the job.

13- Be friendly and calm during the interview.

14- Keep good track of your body language. Train yourself so that it comes more naturally.

15- Try your best to maintain a level of balance when speaking about yourself since too                much is highly unlikely to leave a good impression.

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