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What is the story of “SARMs” pills that concerns the military

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Thanks to these new pills, you can gain 5 pounds in 4 weeks. Not only the 42 years old American Thaddeus Owen– who describe himself as “Boihacker” has been using “SARMs” drug, but famous athletes, military and police men have been noticed using it.

Owen has documented his experiment on his website PrimalHalcer. Although there are potential risks, he sees that the adults should be allowed to “using the drug on ourselves and improve our bio abilities. Of course, that kind of risk is on you” as he says

The people in charge are afraid.

Although there are risks, a lot of athletes and gymnastics turn to these pills, to help them build up mussels and gain physical strength, according to The New York Times’s report, the new drug is an alternative of steroids; as it has been spread widely on the internet considered as “an authorized steroid” grants the benefits of building mussels as a steroid tonic body builder without any disturbing side effects. While the product is virtually authorized -at least for now- its spread scares the people in charge of health as they say that it’s not necessarily safe even if it was authorized

Its products are mis rated

Pharmaceutical companies have developed “SARMs” drug that’s based on the Androgen experimental receptor regulation, as an alternative of the steroid tonic body builder for those who have trouble controlling the muscular mass from illness or ageing. But it’s still under a continues secret experiments, and it hasn’t been authorized yet from Food and Drug Administration.

On October the first 2017, the administration has released a general report warning that “SARMs” drug isn’t authorized to use, because of a “Serious safety concerns” including a potential risk of liver poisonous, heart attack and strokes.

The problem is that these products which has been marketed under the name of SARMs has been mis rated a lot, and it’s mixed with some unscaled components, according to a study that was published in the American Medical JAMA Magazine. As from 44 medical product that has been marketed, under the name of “SARMs”, sold on the internet and has been analyzed, only half of them virtually contained the “SARMs” drug, while 10% didn’t contain anything at all. And 40% of the products contained other hormones and unauthorized drugs, as a lot of it contained a sedative that the British Medical Company warned from it since the last decade, after they found out that it caused cancer for the animals under its experiment.

Is it safe?

consequences of using “SARMs” drugs are long termed and unknown in general, and those who buy these products can’t be entirely sure of what they’re putting inside their bodies. As Dr. Shalinder Yassin, Director of Research Centers that related to the health of men, ageing and digestive in women’s hospital and Brigham in Bostin, and the writer of Medical JAMA Magazine’s report says: “We don’t know if these components are safe, but we already know that some of it have side effects.” But that didn’t stop a lot of people from experience it.

The situation of anti-doping agencies.

The anti-doping administrators knew “SARMs” drug for a while now, and they witnessed a number of the best athletes using it. Since 2015, the anti-doping general organization follower of the United States has put sanctions on more than 20 athletes, including Runners, Heavy Lifters, Bickers, Professional Martial Arts and others, after they tested positive for a group of “SARMs” drugs, specially one most of the time under the name of “Ostarine”.

In 2017, Joachim Noa the quarterback for New York Knicks basketball team has been stopped from playing for 20 games for testing positive to “SARMs”, as so his mate Alonso Trier star of Arizona Wild Cats basketball team, for the same reason.
On October the first 2017, Ricky Garad, the biggest bodybuilding competitor has been stripped from his title that he got in the third place, after the tests proved that he had two different kinds of SARMs: Stearin and testosterone.

It could have a fatal role but what is its side effects?

There is a fatal side effect for “SARMs” drugs that could happened any day to a lot of people. Although the arguments because of using its tonics in secret, scientists have developed SARMs drugs decades ago for fighting the weakness of mussels and the physical strength as a result of ageing, which tends to appear in the middle age and it could affect the bones by weakness or breaking it. There are also many chronic diseases like Cancer, Cardiac Insufficiency, Nephropathy, also involving mussel mess, and weakness of physical movement. Anabolic and androgenic steroids, such as testosterone, can help people regain physical and muscular function. But at the same time, it affects many tissues in different regions of the body and have been associated with the emergence of a potential side effects, including prostate and cardiovascular disease. The drug was designed to selectively target skeletal muscle and to avoid the other tissues, in an attempt to decrease the unwanted side effects of the drugs mentioned above.

A lot of experiments look for its benefits to cure cancer patients, those who are recovered from hip surgery and the enuresis women after menopause because the weakness of pelvic muscles. A 3 weeks experiment at Poston University has proved that LGD-4033 is a type of SARMs tonic, has been developed by the medical “Legand” company, it was potentially safe for the healthy men, and it made a great progress in building and enhancing the mussel mess, without increasing the protein levels prostate cancer related, but it also has a side effect, for example it causes low HDL cholesterol.

What effects does the drug has on the heart?

The scientists have agreed that they need to make some long-term studies to explain how SARMs drugs work on the long term and how much is its effect would be on the heart and the blood vessels.

Policemen and Athlete … and concerns from sexual side effects.

Hundreds and maybe more than a thousand of men turn to use SARMs drugs “From different walks” of life: policemen, bodyguard, And amateur athletes, accountant and others, since 2010, Thomas O’Connor, founder of Men’s Health Clinic and author America on Steroids says: a lot of his patient users of body builders tonic steroid, turned to “SARMs” tonic once they knew that it’s safe and not poisonous.

It’s so hard to know the exact effect of SARMs tonic; because according to O’Conner a lot of its users mix between it and other drugs. But the one thing noticed to be on common most of the time between SARMs drugs users is the drop of their cholesterol levels and the rise of their liver enzymes, which means increasing liver stress. Furthermore, some people suffer fading the sexual desire, hair loss, the appearance of acne and skin irritation, however most of the time it’s hard to tell if these side effects were because of “SARMs” or other components that’s not included in the products.

As a heavy lifter for a long time, O’Conner said that he understands the desire of a lot of his patients to get more power and fitness, but he advise them to stop using these tonic drugs; because they’re risking their life. And he assured saying “I always tell them the same thing; these drugs are illegally, with no instructions and it’s dangerous; so, don’t take it”.

Why the soldiers prefer it?

“SARMs” drugs are common among some soldiers, according to Patricia DeOster, professor of Military Medicine and Emergency Medicine at Organization of Health Sciences University “the reason is that it’s easier to have it comparing to other steroid tonics”, but she warns them from its risks, quoting a soldier who suffered from liver flier and couldn’t move with his unit to check into a hospital after using a product that contains on SARMs drugs and other components. And she added “we are trying to tell them that there are other ways they could use to achieve their goals without risking their health or their abilities to keep moving. We are trying to enlighten them”.

The American army is moving

Hashtag #SARMSCanHarm was launched by the Responsible Nutrition Council, they are a group specialized in the manufacture of food supplements commercially exchanged in a campaign on social media, in a sign of the potential danger of using SARMs drugs. The council also works with clubs, fitness groups and athlete’s trainers on different countries around the world. As well as the American Army and the Federal Government making campaign to enlighten people about the dangerous products under the slogan “Safe Food Supplements campaign”.

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