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What are the types of health

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Definition of health

Human health can be defined as a state of freedom from disease and disability and the completion of physical and mental health and social at the same time, and can be defined as many organizations defined as achieving the state of balance of the organism that enables him to work in harmony and integration of the various functions of vital in order to maintain his life and growth naturally, so health is not one part but a set of parts that affect each other, this article will provide information on what are the types of health to be able to achieve harmony and live normal and healthy.

Types of Health

Some may think that human health is only physical health and this is wrong thinking as the various studies conducted on human life have proved that there is a range of species of health, the main types of health:

 Physical health: It is produced from physical exercise such as: running, jumping and morning exercises that contribute to the flow of blood to and from the heart, which increases the speed of the response of the heart.

Fitness: It is produced from the exercise of normal life activities, proper nutrition and body comfort in order to maintain growth and recovery.

Mental health: It means the mental and emotional health that through it, the person can use the cognitive and emotional abilities to fulfill its function in society, as well as to be able to meet his normal demands of daily life, mental health sometimes means the level of psychological luxury or the realization of disorders free mind, so that the person shall be able to express his feelings to others.

Р Occupational Health: It is the science that interested with the protection of plant workers and establishments from potential accidents that may cause injury, death or property damage.

Р Social health: The ability to compliment others and provide good relations with them.

Intellectual Health: It is the human ability to think properly and do intellectual work and to prove the ability to achieve it in an acceptable manner.

Spiritual health: It is the beliefs that exist on the person and give him a sense of comfort and tranquility and safety, and when the person believes in several ideas, he will defend and preserve and apply them in his life.

Ways to maintain health

Maintaining health in a balanced manner is not easy because it needs to have several elements, are:

Nutrition: It is the science that studies what man eats and what foods that affect his health, as well as studying dietary supplements that help improve performance, promote health, prevent and treat diseases when they occur.

Exercise: Sport contributes to the prevention of many diseases, and it is done through repeated and regular movements.

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