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Ways to Treat Addiction at Home

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Drug addiction is one of the most serious pests that have spread among young people recently, and this addiction is harmful to the addict and those around him, so it is necessary to help him to quit, but the process of cessation of addiction needs insistent and the determination to continue the treatment without stopping, and he also need the psychological and physical support from the surrounding and away from the bad companions. Many of the injured and their families want to keep the treatment of addiction in secret to maintain their status in society so they seek treatment at home in cooperation with specialists and doctors who follow the situation, and this is why we will offer ways to treat addiction at home during this article.

Ways to treat addiction at home

Treat Addiction at Home

The process of treating addiction in the home is divided into several sections:

Preliminary stage

Warning and advice stage: This stage will alert the addict and warn him, and advise him with the importance of leaving what he is having, and the statement of the consequences of continuing on this way.

Pre-decision stage: This stage is where the addict knows the risk of addiction and its psychological, physical and economic damage to him and those around him, but it is not where he takes the decision by taking off.

The stage of the actual decision: This stage is where the addict takes the decision to stop addiction, and often seek medical assistance and counseling.

Practical stage

Treat Addiction at Home

The stage of withdrawal: This stage is an attempt to withdraw the substance from the body of the addict, and gives him a set of drugs that reduce the effects of withdrawal so as not to hit the body of the addict with shock that may lead to death, so it is better to introduce the addict to the hospital or clinic to be under observation.

The stage of behavioral therapy and psychological counseling: This stage is subject to the addict to a psychological sessions that help him to continue treatment, and give him the incentive not to return again to addiction, and these sessions are useful in discharging the negative energy of the addict and help him to express his suffering and his story with addiction. Thus, the motives behind his addiction and the ability to deal with them can be identified to ensure that he does not return again to addiction. These sessions can be individual or collective.

The stage of drug support: This stage is by giving the addict some drugs that help him to continue the course of treatment and not return to addiction again.

After-treatment stage

Treat Addiction at Home

Continues psychological support: The addict needs psychosocial support after treatment to prevent him from the relapses that may affect him and return him to addiction. This psychological support is provided by family, friends and the surrounding community.

Psychiatric and physical therapy: Some addicts may suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, or physical illness especially neurological diseases. It is necessary to treat these diseases to help the addict to return to normal life.

Spiritual Support: A person who is suffering from addiction needs to be integrated into some spiritual work such as prayer, reading the Holy book and charity.

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