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Unexpected Causes for the Pain

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Pain is the last thing you want to feel. As it is one of the most difficult aspects of life. It can make one unable to do the simplest activities and tasks, and pain is annoying and can cause stress.

The causes of pain are often clear and do not need an expert to discover them, but there are some behaviors and habits do not expect to cause pain, although they do, and to identify the most important causes, the following are the most prominent.

The most common causes cause pain

Smart phones

Unexpected Causes for the Pain

It is difficult to predict that smart phones can cause pain for humans, but recent studies have shown that using these phones frequently, especially for text messages or games, can lead to arthritis in the bottom of the thumb. Arthritis is a major cause of pain.


Many young people resort to putting their wallet in the back pocket of the pants. This habit can cause pain in the back and beneath it, and the pain can also extend to the legs, because of the pressure that the wallet causes on the muscles and nerves.


It is not driving that causes the pain, but it is the position of the wrong driver’s chair that leads to pain. The driver’s seat is pushed back so that the steering wheel can’t be controlled unless the driver bends forward, making the head away from the head pad in the seat, and so the driver will suffer from neck and back pain.


Although cheeses contain useful nutrients, they may cause headaches, because they contain thiamine, which stimulates headaches. This substance is also found in some types of canned meat and beverages.

Carrying children

Unexpected Causes for the Pain

No one can imagine that carrying a child is harmful or can cause pain, but in fact, mothers may suffer from pain in the neck due to carrying the child repeatedly on a daily basis. The cause of this pain is inflammation of the wrist.

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