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UFS: Samsung’s Hyper Fast external Storage.

  • Samsung announced a new type of external UFS storage that comes with up to 5 times the speed of the regular SD cards.
  • Recently SD cards have enabled a lot with very high capacities to be even used instead of a hard drive. Clearly the bottleneck was speed because they could only afford and something new had to originate.

What are UFS?

Samsung's UFS
Samsung’s UFS
  • Universal flash storage are a new format that aims to replace micro sd supported by major companies ( Samsung and Toshiba)
  • UFS and SD cards are about the same size physically but they promise to be a lot quicker.


  • most SD cards have sequensial read/write speeds below 100 MBPS. High end UHS2 cards have 213 MBPS one direction or 156 MBPS in full duplex with most cards being lower than that.
  • UFS can score reads of 530 MBPS which matches high end sata3 SSD. Write speeds can get up to 170 MBPS. This will increase performance in recording 4k videos or taking large uncompressed large photos which are getting increasingly more common as devices able to do it, are getting a lot less in cost.
  • UFS also has increased IOPS which is input out per second . this will allow using it instead of a hard drive.
  • The average micro SD card can get up to 3000 IOPS in 4k random read.
  • The USF can get up to 40,000 read and 30,000 write.
  • UFS will also increase phone performance since SD cards could result in some bottlenecks while running applications.
  • It’ll also reduce battery consumption which will theoretically increase the value.


UFS and SD
UFS and SD
  • The major drawback here is that companies will have to redesign their devices to be compatible with UFS cards since they have difference electrical circuts.
  • According to all these high specs, expect the price be a premium one compared to cheaper SD solutions.

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