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Treatment of smart phone addiction

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Today, smart phones have spread widely, and it became difficult and even impossible to dispense with it, especially since it is not only a means of voice communication, but also a way to enter various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WattsApp, this has become a great addiction to people, which increased their attachment to their phones dramatically, so that some people are sleeping while holding their smart phone and return to hold it again after waking up from their sleep, because it became an obsession for them, and in this article we will mention ways to treat addiction of smart phones.

The dangers of smart phone addiction

  • Causing serious brain damage.
  • Headache and inflammation of the joints of the hands due to continuous writing on the phone.
  • Injury to the eyes with damage.
  • The person is filled with negative feelings as a result of his isolation from the surrounding environment, and his thinking with a lot of illusions and fantasies.
  • The decline in the academic and practical level of the person and the loss of his productive capacities.

The forms of addiction to smart phones

  • Make long calls lasting up to hours per day, and spend too much time on it.
  • Download various games on your phone and play it for long hours without feeling bored.
  • Addiction access to social networking sites is frequent and permanent.
  • Feeling worried and confused if the addicted person is out of service, if the cellphone charge ends, or if the Internet subscription package is over, where this person acts with a lot of nervous and aggressive.
  • Hold the cell phone all the time even though it is in the charger wire.
  • Separation from friends and family and a decline in the performance of the person at work or study because of the attachment of the person to his phone.
  • The person feels very happy as soon as he holds his phone or looks at it.

Treatment of smart phone addiction

  • Self-occupation with the practice of different hobbies that have nothing to do with the smart phone, such as practicing a hobby of reading through paper books or writing with pens and paper or drawing.
  • Avoid holding your phone during study or work time.
  • Delete all electronic games stored on the phone to reduce the period of holding it.
  • Go out for a picnic or a trip with close friends and never take the phone, no matter what.
  • Reduce call calls to two minutes at most, and avoid long calls.
  • Close social networking sites for a period of time to reduce their addiction.
  • Close your cell phone before going to sleep and avoid looking at it when you wake up only for necessity.
  • Keeping the phone away from the eyes is an appropriate distance to minimize the damage caused by lighting the screen.


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