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Treatment of liver fat with olive oil

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Liver fat is one of the diseases that many people suffer from and is caused by the accumulation of fat in the liver, since the liver in the human body is a very important organ, and its primary role is to purify the blood of fat and excess toxins, so it is a way to clear the blood , but sometimes a high increase in the proportion of body fat may occur, and therefore some of it accumulate in the liver, which leads to the disease of fatty liver, so what is that disease? What are its causes and symptoms? And how can it be treated with olive oil.

Liver fat disease “fatty liver”

This disease is known to be a build-up of fat in liver cells at a rate higher than the normal level, that is, about 5% of body fat, and it is a common disease affecting large numbers of people around the world.

Causes of liver fat disease

This disease has many causes and factors that contribute to the infection, and the most important:

  • Overweight and obesity, especially in the upper parts of the body.
  • Increase blood lipids in general.
  • Diabetes is a major cause of this problem.
  • Taking large amounts of certain medications, such as birth control pills, and heart rate regulation drugs.
  • Following an inappropriate diet, and eating fatty foods high in saturated and high-calorie foods.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Not exercising.
  • Increase the percentage of iron in the blood above normal.

Symptoms of liver fat disease

  • Feeling tired and fatigue.
  • Feeling pain at the top of the abdomen, and heaviness in the right part of it.
  • Abnormal weight loss.
  • Simple yellowing in the eyes.

Treatment of liver fat with olive oil

There are many house treatments that are preferred to rid the body of these fats, for fear of its serious future effects on proper liver function, including apple cider vinegar, lemon and olive oil, and here we will show the benefits of olive oil in the treatment of liver fat:

  • Olive oil is one of the best oils that helps in the treatment of fatty liver disease, because it contains a high proportion of fat soluble substances in general, and liver fat in particular.
  • Olive oil contains vitamin E, which helps protect the liver from the deposition of these fats.
  • Due to the importance of olive oil and its magical benefits to the body, many doctors recommend having it daily, by adding it to the basic dishes we eat, as it helps to reduce the percentage of harmful cholesterol in the body, and helps to strengthen the liver and thus increase its strength in the fight against the accumulation of these fats.

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