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Treatment of abdominal hernia

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Hernia occurs most often as a result of the appearance of the organ or the cover of the organ within the cavity in the abdomen, and the hernia may be a congenital, that the patient is born with, and usually occurs in the region below the abdomen and affects girls more than males, but the secondary hernia, isn’t congenital , but affects people at different ages, and usually occurs as a result of several factors, including behavioral and some of them are the result to surgery or a specific incident, as for the treatment, it’s often after a specific surgery, and there are different ways to prevent the infection, and in this article we are going to provide some Information about abdominal hernia and its treatment.

Causes of abdominal muscle hernia

  • Caused by an increase in the weight of the person or obesity, and may be due to eating unhealthy foods or the presence of genetic causes in the family.
  • Hernia also occurs as a result of carrying loads and increasing pressure on the abdominal cavity, especially for those athletes or those engaged in violent occupations.
  • Hernia may occur due to chronic constipation.
  • Some people who have chronic cough may have it too.

Symptoms of abdominal hernia

  • Symptoms of abdominal hernia
  • In most cases, the hernia is directly apparent, without any symptoms.
  • The symptoms that appear and indicate the infection of the hernia depend mainly on the type and shape of the hernia.
  • Exiting the gut from the abdominal cavity and then entering it leads to pain, which ranges in intensity between the simple and the hard.
  • Note that the body appears prominent especially where the hernia occurred.
  • The appearance of the hernia may lead to complications, the most prominent of which is the occurrence of obstruction or non-reflux or continuous vomiting and the feeling of severe colic, and the gases remain in the stomach does not come out, and feel the person with acute pain in the abdomen, and may lead to the complications of complications of bowel gangrene that need to be eradicated Bowel to get rid of.

Treatment of abdominal hernia

  • In fact, the treatment of abdominal hernia is only treated by surgical intervention.
  • The patient must be fully rested after surgery to avoid any complications or problems.
  • Keep away from any behavior or work that may cause muscle stress in the human body.
  • Obese people should work to reduce their weight and get rid of excess weight.

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