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Meet this futuristic transformer car: Are they finally real?

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Transformer cars

For Transformer fans, having a car that can transform into a robot is something they’ve been wishing for and we as regular consumers even if we didn’t know about transformers, would love to see a car turns into a mighty robot.


Letvision:  A Turkish company specialized in programming development and car designs has succeeded in developing a car named Antimon that’s able to transform into a huge badass robot that you can remotely control in less than 30 seconds.

They used a BMW car frame and in their video trailer showed the innovations that this car can do. Also, it’s made by Turkish engineers.

How special this car really is! 

Letrons transformer BMW
Letrons transformer BMW

The car also has many systems and add-ons that distinguishes it from other cars like wi-fi and a super engine that allows the car to have a 120 degrees tilt and a full protective system in case of fierce impacts and a remote control.

Duration of manufacture

Letrons standing
Letrons standing

The development of this car took 8 months and the team of 12 engineers in addition to 4 technicians managed to finish their project in the Turkish capital Ankara.

The car gained a lot of fame when the media exploited it with reports and videos putting it on the spotlight. The company also announced that they’ll put the car for sale if they got offers that match their expectations. They also announced that they’re studying also studying to develop more project of this kind in the future.

The videos and pictures of the car were put on the official Facebook page of the company. It seems to be a project of fame and publicity and not production because they only posted pictures and videos about it and ” the first of its kind” car as sufficient for them.

This shows us that having a transformer car isn’t a dream anymore and the possibility in the near future to move in cars that transform into giant robots is very close.

Share with us in the comments below, what you’ll do if you had a transformer car.

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