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To Cats Lovers: Top 10 Facts You Don’t Know about Cats

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cats are considered the most nice pets that many people are keen to buy and raise, and despite the spread and diversity of them and the knowledge of many of us with some information about cats like breeding methods, various kinds and nutrition, but there are a lot of facts that we do not know about them and we will present in this article Top 10 facts you do not know about cats

  1. Man has domesticated cats for nearly 5000 years

In December 2013, scientists found in a Chinese village the bones of cats and their tests found that they had been fed on grain and that its history goes back to 5000 years and the sample showed that the cats had lived to a long time, which means that humans have been domesticate cats since that date.

  1. Cat’s meow simulates children’s crying

Cats have several voices, but in a 2009 study, cats ‘meow appeared to be the way cats deal with humans. That way they imitate the children when they cry to get what they want. We can’t find cats’ meow on each other but they do so when they communicate with only humans.

  1. Cats do not taste sweets

Cats can’t taste sweet foods like the rest of the animals because they do not have a center to taste sweets, and scientists believe this is because cats originally feed on meat, so they do not need to taste sweets.

  1. Abraham Lincoln was a cat’s lover

Abraham Lincoln was a dog lover but was unusually fond of cats. He was the first American president to allow cats to live in the White House. He had four cats. When his wife was asked about his hobbies, she said: “Cats” as Lincoln was spending hours with his cats.

  1. Names of cat’s groups

Each group of cats has its own name, as a group of small cats is called a kindle and a group of a large or adult cat called CLOWDER.

  1. Great Britain has nearly 100,000 cats

As Mrs. Elizabeth II may be the world’s cat lady, where the British government feeds and care for 100,000 cats as they play an important role in achieving ecological balance by eliminating mice.

  1. Teenage for cats

The method of calculating the age of the cat is very different from the human, as the cat grows fast in the first months and the age of a year it become a teenage, and reaches maturity, which is equal to 15 years of age at the age of 2 years, every year of cat age Equivalent to approximately 4 years of human life.

  1. The cat glows under the black light

As the body of the cat and some fluids such as urine and proteins that have a large amount of phosphorus, which makes them light up when exposed to ultraviolet light or as the so-called “black light”.

  1. Color discrimination

The cat has two beautiful vision eyes that enable it to see the night vision as it only needs 1/6 of what a person needs of light so that he can see.

  1. Cats can feel your feelings

Cats are smart and quick-acting animals, so they can tell from the tone of your voice whether you are angry or happy, try to talk to the cat with a different voice from the usual and you will be surprised by its reaction to it, and it can also predict the occurrence of earthquakes.

We hope that we added more to your information about cats and the facts around them.

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