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HomedecorTips to make the bathroom look like a spa

Tips to make the bathroom look like a spa

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Many of us want to transform our private bath into a beautiful resort, as in the resorts of clubs or health centers, where people feel comfortable and relax their bodies and minds, and despite the high costs that some people need for the required comfort, you can transform your bathroom into what everyone dreams of by some simple repairs, which need to:

The paint

Some bathrooms may look small in shape, which requires a choice of colors that increase the size of the bath, and help to relax, such as blue or green, which helps to increase the feeling of happiness, and prefer to avoid dark colors, which reduce the space of the bathroom and make it small.

Change the shower head

You can buy another head, such as those that having more than one water outlet, and helps massage the body, by choosing the appropriate cost and use.

Buy new towels

It is preferable to choose cotton towels and thick, for its comfortable shape, and its ability to absorb well, so that changing the towels periodically, and the choice of different colors, change the shape of the bathroom, and make it look as attractive as in the resorts.

Put some candles

It helps to fill the bathroom with candles, put them in different places, and in different smells, to give you a feeling of relaxation, as if the person is in a real resort.

Listening to music

Most resorts use some of the pipes that make sounds during relaxation and use of the resort, where they can be replaced in the bathroom of the house, bring a small music player, and put it in the bathroom to listen to music that relaxes when bathing or relaxing.

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