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The Thunderbolt Magic.

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The revolutionary thunderbolt from Intel was the next big thing in data transfer since the invention of the USB technology. Not only in the future it’ll replace replace copper and most ports but it’ll also open the door to many new technologies.

Apple was the first to use it in their displays which allows data up to 10gb/sec. This technology has also replaced old screen which needed 3 cables (Power, Display cable and USB data cable)  to be connected to a Mac book. With it, you only need one cable and large data transfer comes as a bonus.

*Let’s dive in and know more about the origin of this technology and how it happened. 

What Is Thunderbolt?
Thunderbolt Port

Both Intel and Apple worked for 6 years since 2010 under the code name of Light Peak which is considered to be one of the newest tech that deals with quick data transfer based on optical technology but while testing, the results were better with copper and copper can also carry power. Intel has released thunderbolt 3.0 based on that technology. It looks like a mini display port but with a little thunderbolt icon on it.

It is a way of connecting peripherals (External HDD, Monitor and even a whole desktop grade GPU)  to a computer/laptop.

Combing all the features of USB, power and HDMI ( video and audio outputs) wrapped in a single cable. Add that to the immense amount of data transfer capacity and  the functionality of this technology is beyond belief.

It also works in both directions at the same time. One for sending and the other for receiving with 10 gb/sec transfer rate each.

Advantages of Thunderbolt:
  • High speed data transfer.
  • Both direction functionality.
  • Supports almost all display outputs ports ( VGA, HDMI, DVI and Display port).
  • The possibility to run a full desktop external GPU on a laptop using devices like Razer Core GPU External Dock
How Does Thunderbolt Work?

It’s a two way channel ( send and receive) at the same time via display port or Pci express.

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