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The risk of new addiction in the shape of digital drugs

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Governments and International drug control organizations did not believe that one day they would face a new type of drug, which has so far not been able to eliminate the prevailing drug in the hands of society, where the emergence of a new type of drugs known as digital drugs.

Digital drugs are not a substance to be taken, but are musical tones that flow from the ears to the brain to affect the addicted person and makes him in a relaxed environment, where this type of drug is used by people addicted to the advanced, and is to get the type of drugs through the Internet, as this type takes the shape of mp3 audio files and sold at prices between 3 to 30 dollars.

The doses may involve the use of earphones and then listen to music in a quiet room away from noise, this type of drug is characterized by the availability of a book containing 40 pages includes some rules and information about this drug and the method of using it, in addition to the use of electronic sites that used in the distribution of this type of drugs, that don’t contain any product on chemicals and therefore they may not harm the body, but although they did not contain chemicals, but doctors warned of digital drugs and their negative effects on the psychological side.

And it has been popularized in Lebanon the spread of this type of drugs lately, as many parents have paid attention to the time that their children spend on the computer in order to listen to music day and night. Hearing this type of music is accompanied by chill of people who are addicted and nervous convulsions.


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