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The reasons for the lack of vitamin B

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Vitamin B is one of the soluble vitamins in the water, it’s a group of eight vitamins: vitamin B12, thiamine, riboflavin, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, hydrochloric pyridoxine and niacin, vitamin B is called vitamin B complex , one of the most important vitamins, and each vitamin is of great importance and controls many of the vital processes in the body, and we will focus in this article on the most important reasons for the lack of vitamin B in detail.

The reasons for the lack of vitamin B

There are many reasons that lead to a deficiency in vitamin B, and these reasons are as follows:

–  Suffering from bad absorption in the stomach, as the absorption of some of vitamins B requires the presence of enzymes and nutritious nutrients help the body to absorb it, and these enzymes and auxiliary factors are secreted by the wall of the stomach.

– Malnutrition is one of the most common reasons as the lack of intake of foods containing vitamin B complex or vitamins B in general causes the lack of it, and the most exposed people are vegetarians, because vitamin B complex is available in animal foods significantly.

–  The presence of a disease in the stomach or intestine, which clearly affects on their movement and growth rate of bacteria that helps in the absorption of vitamin B complex.

–  Anemia, as anemia causes poor production of the stomach wall’s enzymes and factors that assist in the absorption of vitamin B complex.

–  Undergo surgery such as cut or remove the stomach, in this case the patient should be given vitamin B complex in the form of a dietary supplement.

–  Drinking alcohol, because alcohol affects the absorption of vitamin B complex, especially vitamin B12, and vitamin B6.

–  Taking medications and drugs that are contrary to its work with the stomach action, which affects the absorption of vitamins in general, especially vitamin B6, examples of these drugs are hydralazine, contraceptive drugs, penicillamine, and isoniazid.

–  The way in which foods are cooked, it is known that soluble vitamins in the water lose their properties during cooking at high temperatures, or if they are cooked for a long time, so, you should shorten the period of cooking food with reducing the addition of water of it.

–  Deficiency of the amino acid Tryptophan, which its deficiency causes defect in the absorption of vitamin Niacin or what is known as vitamin B3.

–  Chronic diarrhea, because diarrhea causes the loss of many nutrients, especially vitamins such as vitamin B.

–  Frequent urination, causing the loss of vitamin B and put out of the body, and the occurrence of deficiency in the body.




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