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The meanings of the colors of roses in psychology

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Flowers and roses

Flowers and roses bear the most sincere words and meanings in the expression of feelings, and are considered the most beautiful and delicate gifts exchanged, and the different bright colors reflect a vivid and direct image to show what others feel without the need to speak, the roses are brief for everything beautiful, and each of them has a certain significance, according to studies, and will talk about the meanings of the colors of roses in psychology in this article.

The meanings of the colors of roses in psychology

The roses have their own language in the show and edit feelings, and the bright colors play an important role in the sense of comfort and calm, each rose has a certain meaning, and the meaning of the colors of roses in psychology, are as follows:

  • Red roses: They refer in psychology to romance, love and adoration, and if the roses are dark red color, it shows the adoration of madness, but if the red is purple, it refers to deception in love, psychologists also indicated that the red color is a strong diplomatic color.
  • White roses: This color reflects all the meanings of sincerity, loyalty, purity and serenity, as white roses indicate peace, sincerity of good will, and if they were a gift between two people, they indicate the sincerity of intentions and innocence.
  • Yellow roses: Yellow color often symbolizes strong jealousy, but it has other connotations as explained by psychology as self-confidence, so it is advised to gift it; to renew the self-confidence between the two partners.
  • Pink roses: Where it represents the most delicate meanings of roses in psychology, it means high ethics, purity and tenderness, which is similar to red roses in romance and love.
  • purple roses: This color is one of the strong colors, which refers to the attribute and its opposite, it refers to clarity and ambiguity at the same time, and combines the meanings of power and tenderness also, it is a color that inspires self-confidence, comfort and calm.
  • Green roses: Green roses in psychology indicate the love of life and the desire to enjoy every moment in it, and when giving partners green roses to each other is evidence of the continuity of their relationship, whether love or friendship or otherwise, and the meaning of green symbolizes the activity and vitality and happiness also.
  • Orange roses: In psychology means energy, vitality and attraction, and refers to pride and self-honor, which is a light color of appetite; it is preferable to put orange roses on the dining table.

Benefits of roses to humans

There are some studies that advise people who suffer from the psychological and practical pressure to acquire roses and flowers, it is promote mood and renewal of positive energy, one of those roses that have strong effectiveness, is the aromatic lavender roses.

Pink and yellow roses can be placed in elegant vases in the corners of the house; they can be spread all over the place; their effect is powerful to get rid of stress and feeling comfortable and relaxed.

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