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The Effect of Smoking on the Nervous System

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The nervous system is one of the main organs in the human body. It is responsible for organizing the work of the rest of the organs and how to respond to each other. It collects the information from the body organs and communicates it to the brain that is responsible for giving the orders and then transfers these commands to the assigned organs. The nervous system consists of the central section that consists of the brain and spinal cord extending within the spine, and the peripheral or peripheral section and consists of the group of emerging and docking nerves of the central section, which connects with the rest of the body parts, and we will give the effect of smoking on the nervous system during this article.

Neurological disorders

The Effect of Smoking on the Nervous System

  • When the nervous system is disturbed, all parts of the body are affected by this disorder in a negative way, and smoking is one of the bad habits that cause the destruction of the nervous system.
  • Studies indicate that smoke contains substances that are absorbed by blood vessels circulating in the lung. Blood then transfers these substances to the brain. These substances cause the feeling of ecstasy, relaxation and loss of tension as a result of their effect on ecstasy centers in the brain. And then the effect of these substances less after 20 minutes, so the smoker feels like he wants to smoke another cigarette.
  • Studies indicate that substances in the smoke, such as nitrosamine, aromatic amines and benzoberidine, the most important of which are nicotine, which are absorbed in blood vessels in the lung while less absorbed in the blood vessels in the stomach and intestines.

The effect of smoking on the nervous system

The Effect of Smoking on the Nervous System

  • Feeling headaches, dizziness and loss of balance, because the substances in the smoke that lead to the destroying of the central part of the nervous system consisting of the brain and brain, and this is shown significantly in the new smokers and those who are excessive smoking.
  • The injury of terminal nerves that reach the body parts with many problems such as twitch, which may lead to partial paralysis.
  • The smoker is infected with nervousness, mood change and extreme anger, which may stir anger for the slightest reasons.
  • Loss of the ability to relax, sleep, and severe insomnia, which leads to nervous tension, especially when the smoker smokes before sleep.
  • Poor mental abilities such as concentration, understanding, and low IQ due to inhibition of the nervous system. Some American studies have shown that mental abilities and mental activity are lower among the students that are smoking than non-smokers in the same age group.
  • Low ability of smokers to distinguish between odors and inhalation, and a weak sense of taste and loss of ability to enjoy the taste of food.
  • Eye injury problems such as inflammation of the nerves and weakness in the level of vision, and the continuous flow of tears in addition to the redness of the eyes and sometimes the feeling of a layer covered.

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