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The colon’s effect on the back

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Colorectal syndrome or disease in the gastrointestinal tract is called the large intestine, which is part of the digestive system. The colon extends from the small intestine to the rectum through the cecum, the descending colon, the transverse colon, the ascending colon and the sigmoid colon, as it contains from these five essential parts. Its primary function is to absorb water and some parts of food, as well as to analyze organic matter in waste by bacteria called (fluora). In this article we will provide the most important information about the effect of colon on the back.

Symptoms of colon disease

  • A colon patient feels pain in the right or left upper abdomen, and the pain appears as cramps.
  • The patient feels bloating in the abdominal area and the gases exits from the body.
  • A colon patient is constipated because of the fermentation of the food, and the inability of the intestine to absorb and analyze it.
  • Diarrhea occurs if the patient is eating or not eating.
  • A problem in the disposal of feces and body waste, accompanied by pain in the whole body and a state of discomfort and tension, and in the event of stool, descent of mucus or blood with it.
  • The appearance of sounds from the abdomen and stomach.
  • The colon patient is exposed to cases of tiredness and extreme fatigue, leading to nausea and cases of fainting and nervousness.
  • Feeling pain in the feet, hands, chest and shoulders.
  • Losing the desire to eat and lack of hunger, causing loss of weight.
  • The patient suffers from persistent burping and high body temperature.

The colon’s effect on the back

  • Many people with colorectal disease, especially irritable bowel syndrome, experience severe pain in the back. Doctors have found that bulging and constipation caused by the colon problem, the inability of the patient to get rid of waste, and the problem of obstruction of the stool process, which puts pressure on the bottom of the back and its joints cause the patient to suffer from severe pain with a state of irritation and nervous tension.
  • Colon problems and symptoms are major causes of back aches and pains, and pressure on the pelvic bones, due to painful constipation.

Some tips that help the patient get rid of the colon problem and relieve back pain

  • Drinking large amounts of water, to prevent the occurrence of drought problem that affects and increase the incidence of colon problem.
  • The colon patient can take some sedative and analgesic medication for the pain.
  • Eating fresh foods from vegetables and fruits containing a large amount of fiber that helps in softening the bowel and facilitate movement, which reduces pain and pressure on the back.
  • Doing some activities and exercises such as jogging and walking, that increases the movement and activity, which in turn promotes the activity of the blood circulation of the body and its organs.
  • Check with the specialist internal medicine in the event of severe pain and in case that the condition of the patient got worse, to detect the situation, and describe the appropriate medical treatment to treat the problem of colon.

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