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The Benefits of Fennel for Paunch

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Fennel is one of the root aromatic plants belong to the family of roots and spread in different regions around the world, but the original its home is in the Mediterranean basin, fennel is famous with its medical uses since ancient times, its roots used in the sterilization and leaves to treat the epidermis and seeds for weight loss, and The following are the most important ways that the fennel it to removing the fat in the paunch.

The benefits of fennel herb for paunch

The Benefits of Fennel for Paunch

Metabolic processes

The benefits of fennel seeds are that they are able to increase the rate of metabolism in the body.

This means that the cells of the body consume more nutrients and produce more energy and reduce the building of fat in the body in general.

In the absence of nutrients, the body begins to burn fat for additional metabolism, and thus loses excess weight.

Adjusting the appetite

Fennel seeds help to control appetite in two different ways, the first through dissolved solids, which remain in the stomach for a long time and give a sense of repletion.

As for the second method is to help the muscles of the stomach to relax and therefore not feeling hungry even if the stomach is empty.

Fennel seeds are known to be able to relax the muscles of the body in general.

Blood purification

The fennel is a diuretic, so when you have soaked fennel, the body tosses large amounts of uric acid from the blood.

This process works to protect the liver from the accumulation and build fats.

It is worth mentioning that diuretics lead to the elimination of excess body fluids, which often accumulate in the area of paunch.


The presence of problems in the digestion usually leads to the accumulation of gases in the abdominal area and increase its area.

The fennel is one of the best plants that help to solve the problems of digestion and improve it and thus get rid of gases and burning.

How to prepare the soaked fennel

The Benefits of Fennel for Paunch

The method of preparing fennel tea is not different from other herbs, but fennel seeds need to be roasted.

To make one liter of fennel tea, you can roast a full hand of fennel seeds for only half a minute, then add to boiling water and leave overnight.

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