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Teenage Smoking Damage

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Smoking Teen

Smoking is harmful whether the smoker is a teenager or at any age, but certainly there is a greater impact of smoking on the bodies of teenagers and that is because the body of the teenager is often in the process of growth, especially the skeleton, as well as health damage, teenagers can suffer from Social or family problems due to smoking.

Health damage of smoking on teenagers

Teenage Smoking Damage

Smoking and Cancer

Smoking is known to increase lung cancer risk, but for a teen smoker it is three times as much, as a teen smoker is more likely to have lung cancer than others.

The direct effect of smoking on the body of a teenager shows a decline in his ability to exercise various types of sports, as he becomes unable to perform with the same efficiency before smoking and he also loses a lot of fitness so that he can’t continue for long periods.

Smoking and heart disease

As for the common heart disease and arteries among the elderly can often appear in teenagers in the case of starting to smoke and continue to do so.

Although teenage girls’ smoking is uncommon, it is undeniable, and girls’ damage caused by smoking, is increases the growth of facial hair excessively.

Smoking and digestive system

Because of the impact of smoking on the respiratory system directly and quickly, the smoking in teenagers leads to the incidence of shortness of breath and the inability to take a deep breath, and in some studies there was found that the smoker teenager is three times more likely to suffer shortness of breath than the non-smoker teenager.

Smoking in teenagers affects not only their body but also their psychology. Some studies have shown that a smoker is often suffering from stress and depression.

Social damage of smoking on teenager

Away from health smoking can cause some social problems for a teenager, as smoking makes the teenager outcast by the community in general and this in turn leads to losing some friends sometimes. As for the family, they are certainly opposed for one of them to becoming a smoker. This puts the teenager in constant confrontations with his parents and sometimes it may develop into a challenge between the parents and the teenager and this of course leads to increase the psychological pressure and may end up with the teenager to be deviated.

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